Feng Shui Mirrors — Do’s and Don’ts

As one of Feng Shui’s Nine Essential Chi Adjustments, mirrors have been called the “aspirin of Feng Shui” because they can be used to “cure” so many problems in a space.

It’s important to use them properly, though, or you may end up with exactly the opposite result from what you intend.

Here are a few Feng Shui mirror pointers to get you started:

mirror in home interior

Feng Shui Mirror “Do’s”

  1. Do use “whole” mirrors in which you can see yourself in one piece.  This gives you a sense of completeness whenever you see yourself.  Tiny or tiled mirrors or fragments will cause you to feel “broken up” into pieces over time.
  2. Do hang mirrors to bring in beautiful views of nature from the outdoors, amplifying them and activating Mother Nature’s healthy Chi energy indoors.
  3. Do use mirrors where they’ll add light and movement to your space.  A large mirror in a long dark hallway, for instance, will draw Chi energy down the hall, helping it circulate throughout your home.
  4. Do hang a mirror near your entryway, both to activate the Water element there as well as to give you a positive glimpse of yourself on your way out the door.
  5. Do place a mirror against the wall that defines a missing Bagua area, to visually expand the space and symbolically fill in the missing area.

Feng Shui Mirror Don’ts

  1. Don’t hang mirrors in your bedroom!  This is such a big topic that I’ve written separate articles about it.  Start reading here about Mirrors in a Feng Shui Bedroom.
  2. Don’t hang a mirror so it reflects you within 5 feet of entering your home.  This will cause your Chi energy to bounce right back out the door.
  3. Don’t hang mirrors with distorted or antiqued surfaces.   Over time as you see yourself in them, you will come to feel distorted or prematurely aged yourself — and that’s never good!
  4. Don’t hang a mirror too high or too low. It must be at a height where you can perfectly see the yourself and your aura: at least your entire head and shoulders, and those of anyone with whom you share your home.


Do you have a specific question about using mirrors in your space?  If so please send it to me via my Ask Ann page.

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36 Responses to Feng Shui Mirrors — Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Danielle says:

    Some of us have homes where you can’t hang a mirror near your entryway without hanging it near the entry to a home.

  2. js says:

    How can one hang a mirror near the entryway and simultaneously avoid hanging a mirror within 5 feet of entering one’s home?  

    • AnnFengShui says:

       Hi JS, For good Feng Shui, hang the mirror on a wall that’s adjacent to — not opposite — the entryway.

  3. AnnFengShui says:

    JS, a mirror should not be hung on a wall that directly faces the door within 5 feet of the entrance because its reflection bounces your positive Chi back out the door behind you.  However a mirror close to the door but to one side, not directly reflecting you when you stand in the doorway, is good Feng Shui.

  4. eyerish says:

    Hi, opposite my apartment is a restaurant. recently, we notice they hang a mirror directly facing my living room window. What does that mean? and will that bring any unlucky and harm us in anyway? thanks

    • AnnFengShui says:

      Hmmm, yes, that’s interesting. I would suggest asking them about it, and asking that they adjust it so that it’s not in a direct line with your window.

  5. AnnFengShui says:

    The challenge with small or broken mirrors is that they break up your image, which can lead to problems with your own inner self-image. It would be better to find this same mirror framed with colored tiles rather than tiny mirrors if you can.

  6. Eastlake Collector says:

    For those of us with lofts, studios and above garage apartments (non-traditional single-space floor plans) how do mirrors play in to our scheme? I have an above-garage studio with a fireplace mantle containing a 50 by 40 inch mirror above the display gallery. The mirror was part of the original 1870’s design and cannot be removed. I have loaded the shelf with statues and candlesticks but I fear this adds to your “jumble” theory causing distortion. Thanks for any suggestions…

    • AnnFengShui says:

      Hello — if you can see yourself “whole” in the mirror, that is fine. The idea is to avoid seeing a broken, cut off or distorted image of yourself as you pass by the mirror each day. If you like you can send me a photo to review in a mini-consultation so you can be sure you’re getting positive Chi benefits from your mirror.

  7. disqus_uKxBehmcqs says:

    Hi thank you for your help, i just put my own picture framed in on north wall on top landing wall, opposite of a mirror on south wall. is it ok???

    • AnnFengShui says:

      It might well be ok but I would have to know more about the specifics of your situation. If you’d like to know more please let me know.

  8. disqus_QGYBOyyA2Q says:

    hi – I have a wall in my dining area which faces the balcony around 20 feet away – can I hang a mirror on this wall facing the balcony?

    • AnnFengShui says:

      It sounds fine, but everything depends on what the mirror reflects. Does it lift your spirits by bringing nature into your space or reflecting the abundance of your dining table? If yes, fine; if not, make a different choice 😉 Good luck with your Feng Shui!

  9. Shannon Miles says:

    Based on the “no mirrors in the bedroom” rule what would your substitution be for the mirrors behind the night stands in this post? http://www.lilikoijoy.com/2013/06/operation-sultrify-master-bedroom-is.html

    • AnnFengShui says:

      Hi Shannon,
      Thank you for your note and interesting query. I would recommend two pieces of streamlined art. For example, simple vertical Japanese scrolls that pick up the shape of the mirrors would be lovely, and could also bring it the Wood element so that the plants by the window could be eliminated or minimized (plants in the bedroom being another Feng Shui no-no). All the best and thanks again! Ann

  10. AnnFengShui says:

    This sounds as though it could create dissonance in your bedroom, disturbing your sleep and affecting your health. If you cannot remove the mirror, hang a curtain over it at night that you can remove during the day when you need to use it.

  11. Iam says:

    Can a mirror be hung in front of a window? in the living area?

    • AnnFengShui says:

      The answer to this interesting question depends on your reason for wanting to hang the mirror in such a position. If you’d like to send details I will take a look.

      • Iam says:

        The living room is setup with, window on east, tv/fireplace on south, and had read that mirror could not go across from fire place so only option was mirror on west wall of room.

        • AnnFengShui says:

          Blocking a window with a mirror is not going to be good Feng Shui in this case. It should hang on a solid wall and reflect something beautiful; perhaps it needs to go in another room altogether. If you’d like to go into more depth about this we can set up a consultation :)

          • Iam says:

            No no, its across from the window on a opposite wall, reflecting a window. Thanks

          • AnnFengShui says:

            OH! I misunderstood the what you meant by”in front of” the window in your first comment :) Yes, this is fine, probably excellent Feng Shui. As long as the mirror reflects something beautiful and follows the other “Do’s and Don’ts” I outline in this article. Thanks!

          • Iam says:

            Thank you

  12. HarleyKaren says:

    I live near a glass high rise on the west side of my house. The bright morning sun reflects off the building and back into my house so my house is light filled from all sides in am. Is the building reflection a positive or do I need to hand mirrors on the front of my 2 story home to reflect it back?

    • AnnFengShui says:

      Karen, do the reflected light or the building itself feel oppressive? If so you may wish to place mirrors outside your home to deflect that aggressive energy. Otherwise if the light feels and looks pleasant, you don’t need to do anything.

      • HarleyKaren says:

        Thanks Ann. It doesn’t create any negativity but it’s very noticeable.. When the sun is rising and early morning it’s like I have two suns shining at my house. It creates a very light filled home as I have a lot of windows. The top floor of that building is a large personal injury law firm and was thinking if there is negative energy in that office it might reflect off the building.

        • AnnFengShui says:

          Karen, I would suggest hanging a mirror on the outside of your home to reflect the energy back at the glass building, as you have mentioned, since that energy is making its way so powerfully into your home. You may also wish to invest in “solar shades” to dim the light on that side of your home in the morning to create a more natural arc of the sun as the day passes. Our bodies and instincts need that sense of order in the universe in order to stay in balance.

          • HarleyKaren says:

            Octagonal mirror or does it matter? I have a second story balcony on the left half of the house so does location of mirror matter as would be easiest to hang off balcony which is off center?

          • AnnFengShui says:

            Octagonal is best. And reflecting the building directly is also best. LMK if you’d like to schedule a short phone consultation :)

  13. P.R says:

    I have long mirror in my washroom and jst opposite to that i have a small cupboard with a mirror in front of it.Is it harmful to place two mirrors opposite to each other

    • Ann says:

      Hello Kitty,
      It is not necessarily a bad thing to have two mirrors facing each other; I would need more details to know whether this is bringing negative energy into your life or not. If you would like more details please email me at ann@openspacesfengshui.com.

  14. P.R says:

    I have long mirror in my washroom and jst opposite to that i have a small cupboard with a mirror in front of it.Is it harmful to place two mirrors opposite to each other.

  15. P.R says:

    i have a long mirror in my washroom and just opposite to it i have a cupboard with a mirror on it. is it harmfull to keep two mirrors facing opposite to each other?

  16. im planning to put a 5 feet mirror on the back door of our entrance home, facing northwest , is it okay to place it?

    • Ann says:

      Hello Veronica,
      Thank you for writing — I can’t say whether this is a positive or a negative without more detail including your floorplan so that I can see the exact placement of the mirror. Please send an email to ann@openspacesfengshui.com to make the arrangements for a mini-consultation. Thank you.