What Feng Shui Experts Will Tell You About Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams are exposed structural support for our home’s roofs. This kind of ceiling is also known as a cathedral ceiling, a vaulted ceiling, or a raked ceiling. If you do not have a plain ceiling but rather see bars of timber, wood, steel, metal, or trusses hanging above you, then you

most likely have an exposed beam kind of ceiling. Exposing these beams has been a part of the architectural trend for many years now. According to Bob Vila, ceiling beams add a dramatic sense of strength and heft to a room. With its country chic appeal, it also fits the preference of house owners opting to add a rustic touch to their homes. Thus, leaving roof beams exposed has been practiced continually even in modern houses nowadays. It is indeed true that these structures give our homes personality and sophistication; however, they also have negative effects on homeowners that they should be wary of. Ironically, even though ceiling beams actually provide our home’s roof support, in feng shui, they are believed to do the opposite for the homeowner’s well-being. Read on to know what feng shui experts say about ceiling beams.

       1. Can Induce Uneasiness and Tension

Ceiling beams are large attachments to your roof that droop down above you. Due to this, we are subconsciously aware that something heavy is right above us and that the chances of it falling are not that slim. It is almost the same as having big ceiling fans right above you. There is a constant fear that it might fall on you. I am not really sure why some people are agitated by hanging heavy items from their roofs. Probably some of us watched too many ‘final destination’ movies (including me). Kidding aside, ceiling beams, especially those in dark colors, look so heavy that they induce an unexplainable tension in some homeowners. As we all know, feng shui practice is all about keeping things in order so as to make our lives harmonious and peaceful. And since ceiling beams create a feeling of fear and unease, they are definitely a big no-no in feng shui.

       2. May Cause Health Issues and Body Pains

Prolonged exposure below these cathedral ceilings may cause actual health issues and body aches for the inhabitants. This is due to the heavy energy going down as if pushing us from above. This is almost similar to the whirlpool effect of spiral staircases, which drills down energies. As much as possible, feng shui practitioners avoid placing heavy objects on their ceilings. They believe that nothing big, heavy, or lumpy should be above us so the energy can freely regulate around the house. If you have this type of ceiling and notice that you are often experiencing body pain and heavy shoulders without doing strenuous activity, then your exposed ceiling beams might be the culprit! 

       3. They Inhibit Growth

Most ceiling beams are located just outside the front door, possibly to reflect the rustic theme of the house’s exterior. However, feng shui experts are highly against this idea because, accordingly, the front door is the mouth of chi. With this said, your front door will greatly influence the type and quality of energy that enters your home. Having a beam by your door inhibits a great deal of energy from entering your home. This explains the weak advancement and poor growth in terms of the career, financial status, and fame of those who live with ceiling beams by their front door.

Remedies for your Ceiling Beams

1. Match The Color of The Beams to Your Ceiling

Ceiling beams with colors that do not match the ceiling will appear heavier, resulting in a feeling of oppression, especially with prolonged exposure directly below them. To fix this issue, repaint your ceiling beams so that they match the ceiling. This would give the illusion that the beams are not present at all. If your ceiling has a dark color, change it to a lighter and softer color. Include painting your ceiling beams with your new color of choice and witness how much it can immediately lift up the mood of your home.

2. Use Canopy Over Your Bed 

Unfortunately, painting your ceiling beams alone so that they match the ceiling only works visually. This means that the heavy energy from the drooping beams does not necessarily disappear. With all this said, the remedy that I have mentioned previously does not work in rooms where you spend most of your time.

Among the rooms in your house, your bedroom is where you stay the most. This is also the area where you sleep and are at your most defenseless, so you must ensure the best quality of feng shui energy here. If you have ceiling beams in your house, then it would really cause problems not just with your sleep but also physically. What you can do about it is to do the remedy I have mentioned before and to also cover your bed with a canopy. By doing so, you are not only fixing the bad effect visually but also the energy that surrounds you.

3. Hang Crystals or Wooden Flutes

Another feng shui remedy is to hang crystals about 1 to 2 inches from the beam, which can help reflect the feng shui energy around your home. You can also hang Feng Shui wooden flutes from the beams. Also, make it a practice to play this instrument often, as it can create circulation in your home’s chi. The flutes can also be mounted directly on the beam in such a manner that it tilts at 45 degrees. Moreover, you should make sure that the mouthpiece of the flute is pointed upward at all times.

4. Make it a Plain Ceiling

To ensure that your ceiling beams will not burden you with all the issues I have listed, it is better to renovate your ceiling and make it a plain one instead. Of course, in order for this remedy to give you good results, you should still consider the height of your ceiling. If you think it is high enough that even when you totally cover it with a plain ceiling, you still have a lot of space above your head, then you can most definitely apply this solution.

What about you? Do you have a solution in mind to fix the possible feng shui problems from having ceiling beams? Let us know about it and leave a comment below! You can also browse our site for more blogs like this.




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