Boost Your Fertility in 3 Easy Feng Shui Ways


Children are agreeably a married couple’s pride and joy. They are considered to be the fruits that sprouted from their love and union. Nothing is as pure and innocent as a baby’s laugh, and just seeing one lifts up all the burdens adulthood has brought us. Which is why most couples are hoping to have one together and be able to start building a family. Are you and your spouse also trying to get pregnant? Are you having a hard time trying to conceive? At this point, I am introducing you to three easy feng shui ways you can follow to boost your fertility:

Correct Your Home’s Feng Shui

Your home should always be the very first thing you assess in situations like this. It is imperative to make sure that your home is in the right feng shui condition before trying out anything else to help you enhance your fertility. Not doing so might result in not getting the results you expect since your home could not cater to all the energy you try to attract using other methods in order to bear a child. Here are some of the things to note in attempting to correct your home’s feng shui.

Clutter Must Be Kept Away

To allow proper energy flow to your home, keep it decluttered! Dust and mess are strongly discouraged when you are trying to conceive a baby. Everything should be clean and organized, as this could show your sincerity to the universe in wanting to be blessed with a baby.

Check For Any Blockages

According to Lillian Too (a renowned feng shui writer), they were able to conceive after nine years of marriage. This was after they were visited by a feng shui master who determined that a tree was the problem! Clearly, the tree was blocking the energy they were trying to magnetize inside their house. Before buying fertility enhancers, check for any blockages, especially at your front door. Things that can cause blockage include, but are not limited to, big furniture, trees, or an adjacent building. If the thing that is causing the blockage is not easily removable, try using front door feng shui charms that could help you counter the blockage.

Fix Your Drippy Faucets

Having a drippy faucet in your home could cause the chi that you have been trying hard to attract to leak out thus making all your efforts go in vain. Check all of your faucets and tubes and make sure all the leaky ones are repaired.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most important area to consider if you want to be able to conceive a baby. All electronics in your bedroom must be relocated. You should also remove items that carry auspicious energy to promote relaxation in your bedroom. The size of your bed shall never be king-size because it is believed to destroy intimacy and connection between you and your partner. Moreover, your bed should not be placed against a wall that is shared with a kitchen, a bathroom, or any other area that can disrupt the peaceful chi.

Make Use of Feng Shui Fertility Charms and Enhancers

After gaining confidence that your home is indeed ready to cater to energies that can boost fertility, it is time to add in charms and enhancers! Try using one or more of these highly suggested fertility charms and enhancers:

Elephant Symbol

Display a figurine of an elephant with its trunk down in your home. This is supposed to bring you good luck with having babies. Elephants are known to be strong symbols for family and fertility, making them a good charm to attract fertility energy. A pair of elephants is even better, as this could strengthen your and your spouse’s relationship.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

The wife is encouraged to wear a rose quartz bracelet, as it is said to aid in improving fertility. Even after getting pregnant, she should keep on wearing this bracelet, as it is considered a shielding stone during childbearing and delivery. In addition, rose quartz helps get rid of sexual dysfunctions, which could be the main reason why couples have a hard time trying to get pregnant.


Babies are often coined as seeds that will soon sprout into life, which makes pomegranates a symbol that attracts offspring energy. This fruit has been given as gifts to new brides for centuries. You can also display a picture of pomegranates that are sliced open in your home for fertility luck. The picture must show the seeds of this fruit.

Use the Bagua Guide for Fertility

Enhancing the Children’s Sector of Your Home

By improving the feng shui energy inside your children's sector, your desire to be a parent is more heard by the universe. You can try to display all the fertility charms in this area in order to enhance this sector.

Let The Husband Follow the Northwest Belief

We probably all thought that boosting fertility only applied to women. But in feng shui, it is crucial to also make sure that the husband’s descendant’s luck is activated. Fertility highly relies on the husband’s descendant’s luck, so they are encouraged to follow the Northwest belief to get it activated. Northwest is the descendant’s luck’s direction; therefore, the mate should adjust his positioning towards this direction. It is believed that he should sleep with his head pointing to the northwest. He should also work and eat in this direction. This sounds easy but could often lead him to break other feng shui rules, such as sleeping with his head directly pointed at the door or sleeping with his back against it. He can try another method by doing all these in a different direction according to his personal kua number.

Wishing You All Luck

These three ways would require great effort and fate. Nevertheless, I promise you that it will all be worth it in the end. May you and your couple be blessed by the heavens with a healthy baby and a strong family!

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