Feng Shui Office: Choosing the Best Colors Using the Five Elements Theory

What color is best for your office according to feng shui design principles? Feng shui emphasizes harmony between the individual and their internal and external surroundings. Achieving this balance is critical since the office is a place where money and prosperity are extremely important.

The energy you wish to attract into your office depends on your business type and goal. Here is a quick guide to bringing appropriate colors to maximize productivity, according to feng shui experts.

There are five elements in feng shui which make up your surroundings; Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Water. Each element has a different effect on your life and is linked to various colors.

Wood signifies growth, birth, strength, and flexibility, as well as the power of creation. It is shown in light blues and greens.

Wood shades are wonderful if you're just starting a business or working on anything new. Working in a team and being flexible in your job may give you an advantage and boost your chances of success.

Green's psychological impacts may be both peaceful and calming, making it an excellent buffer against a hectic workplace or home atmosphere. An office in a health-related business, such as a dentist's or doctor's office, might tap these beneficial health energies. Furthermore, it has the potential to revitalize a failing or stagnant business. Any financial institution would profit from utilizing green, especially when combined with gold.

A lack of wood may appear as a lack of creativity or melancholy, inconsistency, and stagnancy, but an abundance of wood may cause you to feel overwhelmed, stiff, hard, and unyielding.

Fire represents fame, inspiration, and recognition. This is represented by the colors red and dark pinks, which are also associated with our passion and emotional expressiveness.

In a fire-enhanced setting, boldness and inventiveness will swiftly emerge. You can strengthen your enthusiasm and leadership skills by enhancing the fire element. Use this component in your projects to encourage innovation and individuality. 

Red is a stimulating color that may be utilized to boost production or morale. This workplace color scheme is best suited for a public relations or talent agency. If your business is located at home, you may use the fire energy to improve your reputation or, if you work remotely, to climb to a higher position or status.

Too much fire, on the other hand, can cause emotional numbness, lack of vision, inexpressiveness, and a low feeling of self-worth, whereas too little fire can cause rage, aggression, impatience, and impulsive behavior.

Earth is associated with overall health, self-care, and boundaries. It is dependable, solid, and reliable and is represented by the colors gold, yellow, and tan.

The earth element can help you advance in your work, and education. You may want to bring in the earth element if you are feeling insecure or worried in your work environment or want more stability in your business.

Decorate your office with gold to tap into these forces if your field of employment appeals to loving and caring impulses. If you work in sales, these factors and the presence of tans in your office design will assist you in developing effective commercial partnerships. Yellow should be used in the workplace décor of a college or university employee or a corporation in the educational industry.

When there is an abundance of earth in a specific region, people usually feel heavy and display greater dullness, sluggishness, or seriousness. When there is insufficient earth, people may suffer confusion, turmoil, and a lack of focus.

Metal is all about logic, tranquility, and efficiency. It has a silver and white color scheme.

Metal is unyielding, rigid, and logical. Concentration, organization, and critical thinking skills can all be enhanced by bringing more metal into your office. It also involves communication and our ability to advocate for what is right for others and ourselves. You may have difficulty expressing yourself or finding your voice if you don't have enough metal in your environment.

Employing white or silver hues in your décor design can substantially help you in many ways. The lucky metal colors of a family business's offices may be advantageous. If you work in a child-friendly business, you can design a décor with any metal color. If your business includes tutoring, educational things, or mentoring, make one or more metal tones the focal feature of your décor.

Metal is often found where attention, organization and precision are prioritized, a common factor in many businesses.

When you're surrounded by a lot of metal, you might come across as chatty, too critical, and prone to speaking without thinking. There might be a sense of silence, caution, and lack of focus when there isn't enough metal.

Water encompasses our feelings, spirituality, and insight. Its visual style consists of black and deep blue tones.

Water is associated with learning, relationships, and professions. It is deep and quiet, like the ocean, yet dynamic and flowing, like a river.

If you want to broaden your social network or acquire insight, you should consider adding more water to your office. You may use these colors alone or in a pleasant combination. A recruitment agency is the best firm to utilize blue and black feng shui colors in. Any water-related organization should also utilize a blue-based décor with black as an accent color.

Too much water may create the sense that your transitions are out of balance and that you are drowning emotionally. As a result, you may feel overloaded and too social. On the other hand, if your surroundings lacks water, you may sense stress, loneliness, and other undesirable emotions.

Choosing the Right Colors with the help of Directions

When adhering to feng shui principles, the best color for your office doesn't only depend on what your business/job is and what element you need the most but also on where the room is located. 

Feng shui emphasizes the harmony between one's internal and external circumstances and the larger world. The feng shui colors that will increase productivity in your office will be determined by the room's orientation and location.

If it Faces North

If your business faces north, your area is associated with the water element, thus, any and all aquatic colours are your best pick, according to feng shui rules. Consider utilizing dark blue and black tones to highlight the water concept.

If it Faces South

If your room faces south, go with reds, and dark pinks. These colors represent the energy associated with the fire element.

If it Faces East

Light blue, tans, and greens are the best color choices for an east or southeast-facing room. These color choices highlight the stability of the wood aspect.

If it Faces West

The metal element powers rooms with a west or northwest exposure. These areas should be painted white or gray/silver.

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