The Feng Shui Mystery Behind the Color Gold

Nothing can represent wealth, money, and opulence better than gold. Even the very center of the heavens, the Sun, is best delineated by Gold itself. Its warm radiance gives a magnetic kind of energy that makes everything near it glow. Since Gold contains the Sun’s yang energy, it allures chi and attracts prosperity. 

People ages ago regard Gold as the Sun’s hue that holds nature’s universal force. Because of its strong appeal, some store it in bulk for protection, especially for dynasties to retain their political power. 

Gold is correlated with three of the most important element, Earth, Metal, and Fire. 

Earth element represents the things that serve as the foundation of our life, Health, and Relationships on both romantic and familial ones. As the physical Earth is the ground of every living thing, the element Earth also stabilizes the energy that revolves around your space. 

The Metal element, on the other hand, constitutes vigor and determination. It facilitates chi at a prime level. As Earth naturally produces Metal, both elements have a symbiotic relationship. Metal strengthens the energy that Earth provides, vibrating the perfect energy that your space needs. 

The gold’s reverberance is the reason why it is also related to the element of Fire. It brings with it cozy and forbearing energy into your space. 

In terms of the Bagua map, Gold corresponds to the Southeast corner, the Wealth and Prosperity area. This helps welcome not only material blessings but also opportunities in career or business based on what the occupants truly desire. 

Feng shui identifies what is called the “Gold Corner” which is the northwest corner. Putting golden objects in this space adds financial assistance, especially to the breadwinner of the house. The energy it brings magnifies the fortune and spiritual assistance intended for the most obliging person in the house. It trades off struggles with prosperity.

Gold blocks, also known as “ingots” are the most favored items by Chinese people that’s why it carries valuable significance in feng shui. Aside from the wealth energy it contains, it is also known to convey joy, happiness, and stamina for the people and the space it occupies. That is why it is advisable to position these in your living room or place of work. Its color most specifically radiates expansive energy that makes its surroundings attract financial fluke.

Here are some ideas on how you’ll utilize gold’s evaluability in your own space:

Mirror with a regal touch of gold

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Your hanging mirror on the wall could use of the energy that gold brings by incorporating it through its frames or borders. It could be the precious metal itself or the color to finish the setting. Look at the beautiful mirror in the picture above. Its golden feature made it standout among the other things near it.

Golden Dragon

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Putting a golden dragon or taking one with you wherever you go is the best to maintain good energy in terms of money and opportunities. It can be in the form of a keychain for convenience. Some suggest that you can use golden Pixiu (or Pi Yao), a dragon’s offspring, this helps harness financial luck because of its legendary history of not disposing of any gold that it consumes (a perfect symbol of contained wealth).

Golden laughing buddha

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Buddha on itself brings good luck, tranquility, and positive energy to a room it occupies. Laughing buddha specifically symbolizes good fortune as it is believed to take away people’s trouble. Golden laughing buddha will be a perfect collaboration to facilitate the good luck and fortune that you truly desire.

Wallet charm

As you carry your wallet, pouch, or handbag with you wherever you go, it is best to tag along with it a small gold bar, gold coin or medal, or even a three-tie coin (if the first two are not possible). Carrying just a tiny bit of gold gives you security and support unconsciously wherever you are situated. As your wallet, pouch, or handbag symbolize the storage of wealth, putting in it the best fortune booster is the way to go. A golden lining or glitter on these can also be the best alternative. 

Golden Toad

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Golden toad best depicts wealth in feng shui. It welcomes financial abundance in any space it is placed into. Putting this in your home will guarantee the accumulation of positive energy that will be directed into your entire home.

Gold as the main display

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Making gold the main element in your home infuses your home with a wealthy atmosphere. This can be done by having wallpaper with gold embroidery, using golden fabrics on your cushions, designing your jewelry boxes with gold, or adding a touch of gold to your art displays. You can also put golden figurines on your coffee table to complete the set-up.

Gold in your cosmetics

Cosmetics, with gold as part of their formula, being applied to your skin (face and body) help radiate the energy that is needed to keep your chi moving all around your body and will help you attract the wealth and affluence you desire. This helps you achieve financial independence. This is likened to an ancient iconic royalty, Cleopatra. Being well known for her love of gold, it is believed that because of this she maintained her beauty, wit, and fortune through gold’s chi energy.

Gold in your daily get-up

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Wearing gold gives you a wealthy and flourishing vibe that helps you attract the same energy in your everyday aside from it enhancing your complexion. Gold can be in the form of the sparkling jewelry you wear or in the color of the clothes, shoes, and bags you bring with you. Real or fake gold doesn’t have a great impact on the energy, but of course, real ones are better.

Gold is in better combination with blue, black, and white.  Blue and white symbolize water elements in which the gold as metal transmits. White means power and authority, these values are what gold needed to channel energy for success. Altogether, these colors magnify productivity and wealth. 

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