What Does Your Feng Shui Number Say About You?

Did you know that you have a personal number in Feng Shui, dictated by your date of birth? 

Calculate your personal Feng Shui number and read on below to find out what the numbers mean for you and everyone you know!


This is the Lo Shu or “Magic” Square, which is another way of looking at the Bagua Energy Map.

Each number is associated with particular qualities and personality traits, in line with the Five Elements and other aspects of the Bagua.

Find out here what your personal number means for you:

Number 1 (Water element): Social, diplomatic makes connections easily, strong sexually. Independent, reflective, intuitive, a good listener.  Leader, explorer, writer, “deep thinker.”

Number 2 (Earth element): Supportive, helpful, reliable, nurturing. Fair and patient, works well within groups, a stabilizing force, can be overly fussy. Diplomat, teacher, organizer, service professional.

Number 3 (Wood element): Vigorous, optimistic, driven to succeed, bored easily, seeks “New Beginnings” Outspoken, energetic, “leads the way,” can be impetuous.  Business leader, actor, public figure.

Number 4 (Wood element): Flexible, emotional, sensitive, changeable. Good conversationalist, trustworthy but sometimes too trusting, may have issues related to self-worth. Politician, public speaker, performance artist.

Number 5 (Earth element, center of Bagua): Draws on qualities of all other personality types. Center of attention, a life of “ups & downs,” unorthodox, determined to choose their own path. Health may be a concern, a good exercise is paramount. Inspirational figure in the profession of their choice.

Number 6 (Metal element): Magnanimous, handle money well, consistent, stick to high standards, may be a perfectionist, straightforward, authoritative, tends toward rigidity.  Natural born leader, inventor, creator of breakthrough ideas.

Number 7 (Metal element): Fun-loving, charming, joyous, creatively expressive. Optimistic, graceful, elegant. Enjoy spending money dining out, on fashion and entertainment. Writer, artist, orator, entertainer.

Number 8 (Earth element): Strong, persistent “mountain” energy. High stamina, good capacity for planning, inward and composed, may be stubborn, stays quiet until goaded into a reaction. Philosopher, lifelong student and learner.

Number 9 (Fire element): Clarity of vision, risk-taker, inspirational, excellent communicators, passionate, sophisticated, proud, good attention to detail. May be inconsiderate at times. High leadership position, agent of change.

This ancient system of numerology in Feng Shui is called Nine Star Ki, because each number is associated with a prominent star in the heavens: the North Star and Vega, plus seven stars in the Big Dipper, the constellation that has been fascinating mankind since time began.

If you’d like to know more, I offer personalized numerological readings that take all of your birth date information into account, for a more complete look at your personality and path in life.

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