Feng Shui Mirrors: Tips and Common Mistakes

When you think of feng shui, you probably imagine mysterious dragons and lucky pandas. However, feng shui is also about interior design. In fact, the principles of feng shui can transform any room into a paradise.

Let’s talk about one specific element of feng shui that has become very trendy lately: mirrors! If you are one of those people who likes putting up Feng Shui mirrors in your home to enhance positive energy — great! Keep reading. If not, don’t worry; this article will still be helpful for you as we will discuss the do’s and don’ts when using mirrors in your home or office space according to feng shui.

Feng Shui Mirror Tips

Use Mirrors on Any Dining Room Walls

In traditional Feng Shui, the dining room is associated with wealth and is considered the "wealth vault". Mirror has the capacity of enlarging a space, which signifies that your wealth vault has increased. 

Use Mirrors to Reflect Beautiful Views from Your Windows

Mother nature always has a sense of calming and soothing qualities with a sprinkle of positivity. Luckily, with mirrors, you can reflect that positivity in your home and fill your home with that Chi energy too! Place the mirror at an angle to reflect the beautiful view of the sky, trees, grass, a body of water, skyscrapers, or anything from the outside that can add positive Chi energy to your home.

However, ensure that you place the mirror that reflects a beautiful view. A view of pipelines, electric wires, and dirty alleys might reflect negative energy into your home – and we certainly don’t want that!

Use Mirrors Enhance Light 

Mirrors can do a great job of saving your electricity! I am sure you will be wondering how?

Mirrors can reflect the rays of light and spread them into the room where sufficient light wasn’t reaching before. So it makes sense to place the mirror where it can reflect and disperse light throughout the room. For instance, a large mirror in a long dark hallway will draw Chi energy down the hall, helping it circulate throughout your home.

We recommend using sunlight, but if sunlight isn’t available, the light from your bulbs can also do the job!

Use Mirrors to Expand Space

From the first tip, you know that mirror can be used to expand the "wealth vault", or the dining room. The same method can be used to symbolically expand missing areas of your bagua area. Meaning, if the Southwest corner of your house is missing or lacking, placing a mirror there can symbolically expand that area. 

Do Place a Mirror in a Hallway 

Mirrors placed in the hallway are generally positive, as long as it doesn't face any doors, other mirrors, or is at the end of the hallway.

Feng Shui Mirror Common Mistakes

Don't Use Abstract or Fragmented Mirrors

It is important to see yourself as a complete individual in one piece.  Do not use small, fractured, or artistic mirrors that obstructs the view of yourself. Over time, looking at yourself in these obstructed mirrors will give you 

We don’t recommend always getting a whole mirror as enough space isn’t always available. But there should be at least one whole mirror in your home. If you have enough space, more whole mirrors never hurt. Instead, they add positive Chi energy to your home over time!

Don’t Hang Mirrors Above or Facing Your Bed

Feng shui mirrors reflect the energy of your space. Thus they can play a significant role in your sleeping environment. Mirrors can amplify the energy around you that can disrupt your sleep.  For this reason, it’s best not to hang feng shui mirrors above your bed or facing your bed. Keeping the mirror above the bed is even the worst idea as it can let the chi energy escape while you sleep.

You can move the mirrors to the living room or hallways. If you can’t move the mirror away from the bedroom, you can cover the mirror with a cloth so you can sleep peacefully while keeping the good energy in the room.

Don’t Hang a Mirror Facing Front Door  

I am sure that no one wants to get startled by their own reflection as soon as they enter their home. When you enter your home, placing a mirror within five feet facing the door is a bad idea.

Furthermore, your vital Chi energy will bounce right out the door after reflecting in the mirror. That is the last thing anyone would want!

You can:

  • Place the window at least 6 feet away from the door
  • If you don’t have enough space to hang the mirror in any other place, make sure that the mirror doesn’t directly face the door.

Avoid Distorted or Old Mirrors

When hanging a mirror, it’s important to remember that the surface underneath should be clean. If your mirror has an aged or distorted surface, you may need to consider replacing it.

An old and distorted mirror is not a good idea. Over time as you see yourself in them, you will come to feel distorted or prematurely aged yourself — and that’s the last thing anyone would want!

Although It might take around seven years for a new mirror to show these changes. But if you notice the following changes, it is time to buy a new mirror.

  • Visible cracks
  • Broken pieces
  • Visible dark spots
  • Distorted reflected image
  • Doesn’t match the room décor

Avoid Mirror Facing Stove

As you already know, mirror has the ability to amplify energy. When mirror faces the stove, the Fire element energy is greatly enhanced and amplified, which could bring bad Feng Shui. However, if the mirror is located at a good distance from the stove, then this effect is greatly reduced or even negated.

Don’t Hang The Mirror Too High Or Too Low

A mirror that’s too high up on the wall can cause an optical illusion because it can make you look shorter. The same goes for a mirror that’s too low down.

If a mirror is mounted too high up, you may feel like you’re looking down at yourself instead of straight ahead, so stand closer to it and adjust the angle so you can see your whole face.

And if a mirror is mounted too low, you have to bend down, which might make you feel self-conscious about your posture and appearance.

It must be at a height where you can perfectly see yourself and your aura, says feng shui consultant Iain Balmain: at least your entire head and shoulders and those of anyone with whom you share your home. So you don’t have to slouch or crane your neck to see yourself.

Don’t Place The Mirrors Facing Each Other

If you keep two adjacent mirrors facing each other in feng shui, they will just reflect the energy back and forth instead of spreading it across the room. Hence, keeping mirrors facing each other in feng shui is not smart. Instead, you can place the mirror separately where they can reflect good chi energy and spread it around the room to improve the overall positivity and tranquility of the surrounding.

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    A while ago. I learned placing a feng shui mirror toward a negative neighbors house will – Help the negative energy from her- now I hear thats wrong? What’s the right way?

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