Having Your Bedroom on Top of Your Garage Works with Feng Shui Conditions Only with These Remedies

When we think of correcting or enhancing the feng shui energies flowing in a certain room, we tend to overlook the other spaces near them. In feng shui practice, we were always reminded that everything around us can affect us—as we are all interconnected. That is why when we plan on fixing one space’s yin and yang energies, we must also check all the places around us as it’s possibly causing any interference from achieving the intentions we are aiming for.

One of the most common mistakes we make is spending a lot of effort in hopes of making our bedroom a cozier haven but disregarding the influence given by its neighboring rooms. One example where another space can negatively affect your bedroom is by having a garage under it. 

We all know that a garage stores not only the family’s vehicles but also some other things that are usually not of routine use. Your garage may contain items that carry idle energy; a surfeit amount of yin energy that you would not want to come across with if you are trying to have a good night’s sleep. If you let this pass, you will likely feel as if you are floating instead of sleeping. As a consequence, you will not be able to give your inner energy the reparation it needs to be active and energetic the next day.

Another reason that it is discouraged to have your bedroom on top of your garageis its noise. Most of the time your garage is also the space for doing carpentry jobs. Moreover, this is where you do mechanical repairs to your vehicles. All those activities emit loud noises that we definitely do not want in our bedrooms. But besides all this, remodeling your home in order to vacate your bedroom far from the garage is costly. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then consider all of these remedies to make the bedroom on top of your garage in good feng shui condition.

Proper Ventilation

Since harmful chemicals and car exhaust predominates your garage, it is crucial to make sure that the ventilation of both rooms (bedroom and garage) are in a good state as these harmful gases could affect your health. You may also install a carbon monoxide detector in your garage to avoid getting fumes inside your bedroom that can cause poisoning.

Keeping both rooms well-ventilated can also make sure that the noise from the garage does not reach your bedroom. You will finally get that good rest you are hoping for!

Keep Your Garage Free from Clutter

The primary rule in feng shui to get a good flow of energy is to clean your clutter. If you already did that to your bedroom, then you might as well do the same to your garage. Your garage needs loving too! You can start by looking for tips and tricks on the internet to give your garage the makeover it probably needs. You may also need to organize the items you store in your garage as this can greatly help with keeping it free from clutter at all times. Invest in containers, paint, and a little bit of wood if you want to have dividers. Who says you can’t make your garage as beautiful as other rooms in your house?

Furthermore, having a clean bedroom will also help prevent pests from entering your space. Regularly vacuum and dust to eliminate any possible food sources for pests. In Casa Grande, Arizona, for example, where the climate is warm and dry, pests can easily thrive if given the opportunity. Hiring the best exterminator Casa Grande has to offer, in case of infestation, can ensure that your bedroom remains free from pests and their negative energies. Just remember that the key is to keep both rooms clutter-free and clean.

Carpet for Your Bedroom

According to feng shui, adding square or rectangular carpets and rugs in your bedroom helps in stabilizing the flow of Qi energy. Aside from the idle energy that is present in garage spaces, it can also sometimes have chaotic and auspicious energy from your running vehicles. So in order to minimize or avoid those energies going into your bedroom, apply this trick! 

Just make sure that you choose a design that fits your room’s design. Also, avoid choosing carpets with wavy designs or the color black as it could represent water. Water elements are not recommended in resting areas due to their yang energy.

Add Headboards

Having your bedroom on top of a garage creates a gap that doesn’t allow you to access the earth’s energy from the ground. As a result, this makes you feel afloat and just not yourself. To remedy this, add headboards to your bed. What headboards do is act as an earth element (more like a mountain) that gives your room solid energy. This will help you have a comfortable sleep to recharge.

Play with Colors

In choosing a color palette for your bedroom, go for neutral colors or any earth tones. You can then proceed into adding any gold accessories or anything metallic for an accent. Opting for earth tones will give your room a serene ambiance. It will help in conditioning yourself to fall asleep faster. Giving your room this kind of mood will help you get relaxed.

Add Calm Artworks

If you want to add some artworks, paintings, and portraits, avoid picking out abstracts and watery images. What you would want is to choose a piece that does not produce auspicious energy. Instead, choose those that have a calm effect on it like a beautiful landscape or distant soothing views. 

In a Nutshell

There are tons of people with house layouts that have their garage placed under a bedroom. Not knowing that this is actually bad for them per feng shui perspective. But there is always a way to remedy this dilemma more cheaply. If you know someone who has this very same situation, then do not hesitate to help them out even by just sharing this blog. Moreover, if you have a loved one who is planning to buy or build a house, make sure to let them know of this common mistake! Our bedrooms are the most vital space in our homes as they are the space where we recharge and be in our most unguarded state. Do not let the mistake of placing it on top of your garage ruin your sleep forever, remedy it now!

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