Feng Shui SOS: My Bedroom Is On Top Of My Garage!

Was your house designed so your bedroom sits on top of your garage?


This common room arrangement means you’re sleeping above a large and mostly lifeless space, whether you park your car there or use the space mostly for storage (which is an entirely different Feng Shui story).

Because the garage has a surfeit of Yin energy you may have the sense that you’re floating, unsure whether you’re connected to the “real world” or not as you try to get to sleep.

Sleeping above a garage often leads to insomnia or worse: moody behavior, social isolation, and an inner sense that your life is not moving forward in a positive, desirable way.

Banish your sleepless nights and cranky mood with a few smart Feng Shui adjustments that create a cozy and warm atmosphere where you can get a good night’s sleep.

Create good bedroom Feng Shui by introducing the Earth element to give yourself the support you need during the night.

  • A square or rectangular-shaped carpet underneath your bed adds stability and balance.
  • Use yellow and gold tones in bedroom accessories; earth-tones like tan and brown are also a positive adjustment.
  • Instead of Water-y or Metallic art, hang pictures of beautiful landscapes and soothing distant views.
  • Be sure to use a headboard on your bed to back yourself up and add the solid energy of the Mountain to the room.

The second essential thing to do when your bedroom is over a garage is to create good Feng Shui inside the garage itself.

An attached garage is always part of the Feng Shui of your home and must be included as part of the Bagua Map. You need to care for it just as much as you care for any other part of your home.

Please take a look at my related article on good Feng Shui for your garage to get started on transforming your garage from lifeless and neglected into a supportive, vital part of your home’s energy.

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