How to Feng Shui Your Dorm Room for Better Learning

Feng Shui is as practical as modern architecture and interior design concepts. According to Chinese traditions, you can effectively enhance your success, happiness, and overall quality of life by incorporating Feng Shui techniques. And the same improves your academic performance, too—in alliance with your other efforts collectively.

So, how can you implement Feng Shui in your dorm room to turn it into a better learning environment, given the limited space and scope of readjustment? Here’re a few useful tips for you. And if you are worried about your assignments, you can ask a professional essay writer to write my paper while you work on improving your dorm room setting.

4 Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui in Your Dorm Room

Align Your Furniture

There is only much to play around with in a dorm room. You can still make a few changes and ensure that your furniture is positioned in the best way, as per Feng Shui.

For bed:

For study table:

  • While it is natural to place the study desk against a wall, Feng Shui doesn’t recommend it. Put some artwork on the wall to push concentration and creativity instead of keeping the wall blank.
  • Keep a screen between your bed and the study table. If the space is too tight, invest in a curtain or wooden screen to segregate the two.
  • Keep it diagonally opposite to the door, and try if you can avoid having to keep your back towards the door.

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Declutter and Clean Your Room

Feng Shui focuses on increasing the flow of ‘Chi.’ Chi is the vital energy or the breath of the cosmic life that drives the aura around all living things. To regulate good chi, you have to clear out the clutter.

Students are often guilty of cluttering their space and not cleaning it regularly. However, since it is an essential part of Feng Shui, you should develop a habit of keeping things in their dedicated places, throwing trash and broken items out in the bin, folding laundry and hanging it in the wardrobe, and cleaning your room and study table at least weekly.

Even though it seems taxing, when you start seeing results in terms of clarity of thoughts, positive energy, and better concentration, you will appreciate the effort.

Decorate Your Room According to Feng Shui

As they say, humans are meant to be in touch with nature. However, due to the course of how the world works, we have been confined to man-made walls of concrete. To improve the flow of chi, Feng Shui recommends some decor changes.

So, for starters, you should let the natural light come in. You can open your windows during the daytime and let the sunlight in from the balcony. But if that’s not an option, try lighting up your space well with good lamps and bulbs of natural shade.

Similarly, adding a few indoor plants is also a great way to bring good vibes of chi into your room. Remember to buy low-maintenance plants, such as snake plants, etc. You can also place a vase and put fresh flowers in it if you have a garden nearby.

Some more decor items recommended based on Feng Shui are wind chime, lucky bamboo, laughing Buddha, crystal lotus, and dream catcher.

Add Colors for Better Dimension

Colors have their own vibes. For example, colors like red, orange, and yellow are warm and energetic. Hence, they stir motivation, creativity, and productivity. So, add these colors around your study and workspace. You can put up posters, and colorful artwork, use vibrant organizers, or a wall tapestry.

Cool colors like pink, purple, blue, and green give a relaxing and calming effect, ideal for when you need to rest or slow down. So, using these colors in your sleeping area would help you feel calmer and sleep better. You can also use this area for journaling, reading, and other relaxing activities.

The best way to incorporate cool colors around the bed is a cool-toned moon lamp, pillow covers, wall art, bedsheet, or fairy lights. Writers from the best assignment writing services also swear by the effect of colors on their writing quality.

Winding Up

Feng Shui isn’t a religious practice. Instead, it is just a way to induce harmony with the universe through some set of principles derived from the study of energy. It is an ancient art, and if you look closely, almost all religions, cultures, and even science already recommend many of the concepts suggested in Feng Shui. Try the above things yourself and witness the benefits.

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