Why King-Sized Beds Are Bad in Feng Shui

There are numerous feng shui articles you will find on the internet that say a king-sized bed is bad for you. As opposed to their opinions, you will probably refute them with a lot of good things about this humongous kind of bed. A king-size bed measures about 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, a very huge bed that can fit up to three adults comfortably. It is also big enough to roll while you sleep, especially if you are the type of person who moves a lot while sleeping. Aside from all of this, just seeing a king-sized bed makes you hungry for sleep, as it looks so inviting and comfortable. But do not be fooled by this! According to feng shui, a king-sized bed brings more dilemmas because it cannot compensate for the comfort that you think it brings. Find out why feng shui insists on avoiding this type of bed and save yourself from all the issues it might bring.

       1. Not Good for Small Spaces            

A king-sized bed, as we all know, is a very huge bed, making it not suitable for small spaces. If you have a small to medium bedroom size, this will take a lot of space, leaving you with a tight floor space to pass by. You will also be left with little to no space for cabinets and other materials you need.

It is also safe to assume that when you have a small bedroom, you probably do not have a spare room that stores all your things. Others might attempt to make their bed frames into storage spaces in order to fit it all in. However, as feng shui practitioners believe, nothing below the bed must be present as it could interrupt the flow of energy needed in your bedroom.

Your room should feel spacious and wide so that the energy can freely regulate. Not having enough room can result in energy getting stuck and clogged. This will eventually lead to restless nights and possibly insomnia.

       2. A Big No-No for Couples

Do you know that a lot of couples who use king-sized beds usually end up breaking up or getting divorced? Although this was not proven scientifically, if you think about it, a very large bed will subconsciously separate two people seeking their own comfort. Arguments can happen, and having a large bed induces separation backed by each other’s egos. Unlike when couples share a bed that is not so large that they can still hear each other’s breathing, it will be harder for both to resist initiating a conversation or an apology.

This is indeed a funny reason, but it does happen. Moreover, a king-sized bed usually has a spring box in the middle, which physically separates the couple since it is uncomfortable to lie on your back. Do you and your spouse have a king-sized bed? Do you think that nights have become less romantic and intimate for both of you? Do not wait for it to get worse; switch your bed now!

       3. Aggravates Anxiety and Depression

Do you sleep alone on a king-sized bed? Then this might be the reason why you often feel anxious and lonely. Surprisingly, a very wide bed is actually not good for relieving stress. The wideness of space will make you feel that you are so small, which could subconsciously send panic to our minds. It will also make you have a harder time getting up to start your day. You will notice that you are getting less and less productive each day.

All of us can probably relate to how difficult it is to wake up every morning and face the world. It is a true-life challenge to get up, especially when you feel tired and unmotivated. How much more if you have a very wide bed that you still have to crawl and scooch to the side before getting out of the bed? You will only end up asking for more sleep until you notice that you have been there the whole afternoon.

       4. Induce Clutter and Mess

Since a king-sized bed has a lot of space, people sometimes place items like books, chargers, and a lot more on it and can still sleep on the other side. The things placed then pile up and make a mess, which is a very bad habit. Again, nothing should be around you when you sleep except your pillows and blanket. Feng shui energy should be able to pass you, and by having all this mess, you are not allowing it to do so.

Having clutter and mess on your bed might even worsen your insomnia, anxiety, and depression as the disrupted flow of energy prevents you from sleeping peacefully. It also does not help you try to become more productive. On the other hand, having a medium-sized bed will give you the habit of clearing it up so you are able to sleep comfortably.

       5. Costly and Inefficient

King-sized beds are very expensive and very costly to maintain. Given that you have to purchase more pillows compared to having a medium-sized bed, this will really be an add-on to your expenses. You also have to purchase bigger blankets and bedsheets, which are far more expensive than smaller ones. Having a very large bed is also inefficient, as it takes up too much space in your bedroom, which will probably not be used anyway. It is not like you can take up all the space in your sleep.

Alternative Feng Shui Ideas to Make Your Bed Comfortable

Instead of purchasing a king-sized bed, go for a queen-sized bed instead. It will still give you enough room even if you and your partner move a lot in your sleep. A double-sized bed is perfect if you sleep alone, as it will still feel comfortable, plus you will save a lot of space to give room for your personal items like a cabinet or a side table. If it is too late to choose your bed size as you already have a king-sized bed, you can put a red cloth over it to avoid separation from your partner. If you sleep alone and feel like it is causing your anxiety to worsen day by day, sell it online so you can replace it without wasting a lot of money! Also, add in items that help with relaxation such as scented candles, plants, and soft warm lights. There is always something you can do to save your bedroom from having bad feng shui. Do not ever wait for it to negatively affect you. Your decisions should make you feel satisfied, not regretful.

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