The Housewarming Gifts You Should Give According to Feng Shui

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Moving into a new home is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs of our lives. It is almost equivalent to having a restart of your whole being. You have to adapt to numerous lifestyle changes such as meeting unfamiliar faces, memorizing new directions, looking for trusted shopping stores; and you might even have to learn new-fangled traditions! 

The process of changing what was usual is indeed frustrating. Therefore, it is important to show support to your close friends and relatives who are planning to relocate so that it will somehow be easier for them. One way of displaying care to a moving friend (especially someone who’s very frantic about it) is to give a housewarming gift. 

If you are planning to give someone (or might as well yourself) a housewarming gift, it is recommended to give something that can positively contribute to the feng shui energy of their new home. I have collected a list of the best feng shui gifts for a new home to save you the hassle of canvassing every store.

Gifts That Can Give Relaxation

What is a more suitable gift for your anxious moving friend than to give something that can make that person relax? Giving things that can help them reduce the stress and tension of moving is indeed the best gift you can share. Here are a couple of relaxing housewarming gifts to choose from:

Scented Candles

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Scents and aromas can greatly affect our peace of mind. It could even stimulate your memory by letting you remember some of the good times. Gifting your friend a scented candle is like indirectly wishing them ‘to always have light through the darkest of times. In Feng Shui, a candle is a good representation of the fire element so giving them one will help them in the fame and reputation department. Since they have to meet new neighbors, they need to boost their socialization skills and candles will help! Candles will also bring vibrant energy to their home.

Bath Bombs

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If your moving friend has a bathtub then giving them a bath bomb is a great idea. It is an elegant gift to give and a very relaxing one. Your friend will truly enjoy bathing in his new home with this gift. Having long and warm baths is a wonderful method to meditate and harmonize. It helps you stay connected to your spirit to maintain your life in balance.

Red Accent Pillows

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This is a very unique gift to give. Give them red accent pillows with a beautiful dragon symbol to provide a good amount of chi energy in their new home.

Gifts For Home Decorations

Another great housewarming gift idea is items they can place in their new home as decorations. Here are some of the great feng shui decorative gifts you can buy:

Three Generation Turtle

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According to Feng Shui, the tortoise symbolizes health and longevity. Buying an ornament of three tortoises stacked together for your relocating friend is like blessing their house longevity for three generations. 

Hanging Crystals

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A beautiful ornament of crystals is perfect to hang in the sunny window of their home. The beam of light refracting against the crystal will be visually pleasing in the morning. Feng Shui says that crystals are a cure for wealth and prosperity and that their eight sides will bring eight different blessings to homeowners. Wish your friend a stroke of good luck with money matters by giving them these glass crystal spheres!

Botanical Gifts

Giving live plants to new homeowners is also recommended because it gives their new home life energy. These are the best plants for housewarming:

Lucky Bamboo 

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The lucky bamboo plants will give freshness to the new residence of your friend. If your friend wants to keep live plants but is not so good at taking care of them, then this is a perfect choice. Lucky bamboos require less care but can still provide auspicious feng shui energy to the owners. Gifting this communicates great intentions to the receiver.


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Basil is a great botanical gift not just because it can bring good luck but also because it is a pleasing aromatic and a great herb for cooking. Preparing a gift that brings good feng shui is nice, but giving a gift that brings good feng shui and is also useful is very thoughtful. 

Peace Lily

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The name of the plant itself reflects the meaning of giving this to someone as a gift. If you want to wish your friend peace and harmony in their new home then give them a beautiful set of Peace Lily plants.

Gifts For Protection

If you wish to bless your friend with protection in the unfamiliarity of their new neighborhood then these are the best housewarming gifts you can find:

Bagua Mirror

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A Bagua mirror deflects any negative chi that is possibly given off by a stranger. Advise your friend to place this above the front door of their new home and never inside. By doing so, they are giving off the intention of living in harmony with the universe around them and avoiding harming the inhabitants of their new home.

Evil Eye Ornament 

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One of the traditional protective symbols in feng shui is the evil eye. It is also termed the ‘watchful eye’ that can protect you from people who intend to inflict harm on you. Its round shape and blue color symbolize heaven and spirituality

Useful Additional Tips

In selecting the best housewarming gifts here are some tips that you can take note of:

  • It is recommended to give something heavy. In feng shui, giving a heavy object like a plant in a vase or a mirror can signify stability. It gives the homeowners an anchor to their new life.
  • Think of the receiver’s traits. You can’t just give anything that brings them good luck. You must make sure to give them something they will love. For example, if the receiver does not have a bathtub, then it is only practical not to give them bath bombs.
  • In giving decorative gifts, choose a color that can go well with the color palette of their new home. You should also consider picking colors that can give them good luck.
  • Lastly, always give your housewarming gift with the best intentions. Nothing means as much as giving purity and peace.

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