Office Feng Shui: Does Your Desk Face A Window?

Office Feng Shui: Does Your Desk Face A Window?

I recently worked with a woman who was setting up her office and really, really wanted to place her desk so it was facing the window.

She loved the beautiful view and figured it might help her relax during her workday.

But in fact exactly the opposite is true – she’s more likely to wonder what’s going on behind her and feel less relaxed and focused.

When your desk faces a window your personal Chi energy and dedicated attention flow right outside instead of into your work.

Even worse from a Feng Shui perspective a desk facing the window causes you to miss out on important business opportunities.

By turning your back to the door you never know when good business Chi might want to come in.

In some cases a window view is more absorbing and interesting than the work at hand, adding to the challenge of getting work done and goals accomplished.

Your work may also be harder to focus on because your desktop and computer are backlit by the light from the window; I often see the shades closed in office situations like this just to shut out the light.

If this is the case for you, create good business & financial Chi energy by turning your desk around to face the room in the Command Position.

By putting you in the “power spot” where you have the greatest visual control of your space, the Command Position puts you in charge of your life and your business.

The Command Position helps you welcome the opportunities coming through your door, rather than turning your back on them.

Facing away from the window gives you an important additional advantage: the natural light coming in over your shoulder illuminates your work and reduces eyestrain from a back-lit computer monitor.

Check out my article about what to do if your desk is facing a wall, another Feng Shui no-no if you can possibly avoid it.

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