Feng Shui Guide: How to Select the Best Entryway Art?

According to Feng Shui, the entryway is where chi energy starts to move and flow around your space. That is why knowing the right things that welcome this energy is essential, no matter what kind of entryway it is. 

In art, selecting the right piece to display is critical. It must nourish and radiate the good energy that your living space needs to keep the balance of the overall flow. Each piece of art must be there for a purpose.

The artwork advocates beauty and sets the perfect tone you want to portray to anyone who enters. This art will serve as a portal that guides the energy as it begins to flow from the outside looking in. 

Your visitors must also know which path to take by following the flow of your space through your artwork. It is best to accommodate them with an object like rags and a coat rack, allowing them to pause and appreciate your entryway before gracefully letting them into your home.

The water element must go hand-in-hand with your artwork, allowing a flexible energy flow while attracting success and satisfaction. The best depiction of this is by mirrors and glass, sinuous shapes, color, and water features.

To give you an idea about this, here are some best Feng Shui art qualities that will surely suit these depictions:

Landscape or painting of bodies of water

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In feng shui, a flowing body of water, like a river, symbolizes income, prosperity, and abundance. Paintings of a lake, for instance, attract success and career improvement, thus creating satisfaction. Leading you to avoid negative chi, as water suppresses fire according to the cycle of destruction and, in return, could boost your passion.

A painting, a picture, or a landscape of a river, sea, lake, waterfall, or any natural body of water is an excellent start-up display in your entryway. It'll be even better to have modern picture lighting to highlight the display. 

Abstract art with meandering shapes

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Abstract enhances the energy of fame and reputation. It encompasses your inner light of both self-knowledge and self-respect. The meandering shapes that go along with the art will add glamour and vibrance to your entryway, creating a good mix of energy.

A beautifully designed mirror

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You must be careful in positioning a mirror in your entryway as it impacts the flow of energy that the mirror repels. Placing your mirror opposite your front door is bad feng shui because it will only reflect (repelling property) the "qi" back outside and not on the inside of your space. The good energy that it will send back can be either wealth or good fortune. Instead, place your mirror perpendicular to your front door. You can also hang it up to direct the good energy towards your home. 

It is important to remember that mirrors don't reflect energy selectively, so give it only positive things to reflect. How is this possible? This is by keeping its shape in curves, preventing hard edges in choosing your mirror designs.

A mirror makes the entryway visually spacious, which is an excellent way to prevent your space from cluttering. Note also never to put a mirror at the end of a hallway as this may slow down the energy flow in your house. 

Vibrant colors

For your entryway, it is desirable to use vibrant or restive colors according to your personal style. 

Colors have corresponding elements it represents, so you must pay attention before using them. Red, orange, or purple pertains to the element of fire. Arts with these colors reflect passion and warmth. Brown or green is of the element of wood which is for prosperity and renewal. The element of water is best portrayed by blue, which is associated with peace and calm. Colors with an earth kind of shade, like creams and browns, strengthen the element of earth, which best depicts stability. Color with metallic tones is the element of metal representing energy moving inward. 

Feng shui assign elements-based color according to which direction your home is facing. So you must get to know your direction first before referring to the following:

  1. South - fire element
  2. West and northwest – metal element
  3. North – water element
  4. Northeast and southwest– earth element
  5. East and southeast– wood element

You must be careful in adding too many fire elements as it can be dangerous as it is a fast-moving energy and can be uncontrollable. However, a water element can help neutralize the energy that fire brings. 

Flowers and plants design

One of the safest designs to add to your entryway is flower/plant-designed art. These paintings symbolize prosperity and attract auspicious chi energy. It adds color and vibrance to your home. 

Here are some examples of flower designs that you might like to add to your entryway:

  1. Lotus – symbolizes discipline, perfection, and faith in the spiritual aspect, along with a cure for health. A lotus in its prime bloom also adds a good flow of energy.
  2. Chinese Fire flower – attracts lifelong success and wealth.
  3. Chinese bamboo – is a painting for wealth. This kind of design is best in the brown monotone shade. Chinese bamboo can also come in a lush green shade that depicts nobility.
  4. Cherry blossom – the best feng shui for good luck, which brings a soothing and beautiful feeling to the whole entryway.
  5. Pink rose – an embodiment of love. This creates vital energy for the people living inside the house.

Real-life plants are also encouraged as it infuses energy and vitality. You must always prefer plants with round leaves rather than pointed ones. Plants in your entryway slow down the chi energy before it enters your home. 

Lighten your entryway

Good lighting in your entryway enlightens the mood of those visiting your home, especially at night. You don't want darkness bringing a depressing ambiance to those who will enter in the evening time. Overhead lighting is desirable, along with a lamp or any supporting light source. Cozy lighting gives comfort and will create a welcoming energy for those entering your home.

Collaborating feng shui and the art you appreciate is a good start in designing your entryway. It is vital that the piece you've chosen has an impact on you so that creating your foyer can be much more purposeful, fun, and, most of all, exciting!

An Evil Eye ornament is something some people prefer at entrance to protect from evil eye.

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