5 Feng Shui Remedies for the Mirrored Closets in Your Bedroom

You have probably heard that mirrors are discouraged in the bedroom. According to Feng Shui practice, keeping a mirror in your bedroom or any flat reflective surface may disrupt the energy flow inside the room. Since your bedroom is your resting place, a haven you should feel safe after a long tiring day, it is essential to surround it with relaxing energy. Moreover, it is believed that mirrors are bad feng shui because they can create active energy, which will make you have a hard time getting to sleep.

Having a mirror placed directly towards you while you sleep is indeed eerie. Sometimes, you might get a feeling of being watched on. You might also suddenly wake up in the middle of the night startled by your own reflection. Experiencing these events consecutively will make you feel restless and tardy. Do not let this get in the way of your sleep!

If you are having a problem with your bedroom’s mirrored closets, especially if you are a renter, this article is made especially for you! I have prepared this list to help you get the perfect remedy to your mirrored wardrobes:

1. Rice Papers

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I know! It sounds crazy! But this one really helps, and it is an affordable solution than tearing off the mirrors out of your wardrobe. According to Uncle Dixer, gluing rice paper to mirror only up to the area where you can see yourself while lying in your bed will help. You will not be waking up in horror to your own reflection anymore. The only problem you might only have with this is that it is somehow irreversible. Some renters have strict landlords and might not be allowed to glue something in the mirrors. Glue is sticky and small dust may stick in the mirror, which is very hard to clean.

2.Vinyl Stickers

The best alternative to gluing rice papers to your mirror is opting for vinyl stickers. Using vinyl film in your mirrored closet is very ideal because aside from the ease of installing this, it can also be removed easily. This is also aesthetically pleasing as there are a bunch of colors and designs that you can choose from.

You can also use wallpaper stickers like in the photo below; this idea has been a trend! 

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3. Moving Your Closet

If for some reason, you can’t use the former ideas, it is best to change the placement of your mirrored closet. There are a lot of feng shui ideas on where you should place reflective materials and wardrobes in your bedroom. A spare room to serve as a walk-in closet might be handy. You can move your mirrored cabinet there instead.

In deciding where to place your wardrobe, it is vital to keep in mind that it should be located in a corner so that the natural light from your windows can still enter the room. It is also crucial to remember that it is never okay to put mirrors and closets at the head or the end of your bed. Doing so can interfere with your comfort in sleeping.

However, most renters have installed closets, and they probably do not have a spare room to move their closet into. If you are one of those people, do not loosen up your hope because we still have more solutions for you!

4.Cover It Up with Curtains

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Yes! This might be the easiest solution for you. You can simply install a rod just above your closet, or you can use flexible rods with curtain clips. You can even purchase these flexible rods online! Personally, I think this is the most ideal solution because you can just cover your mirrors when you sleep at night and you can still use the mirror by pushing it aside in the morning. 

5. Build a Sliding Door Cover

Assuming that you have ample budget for this problem, you may try and find a contractor to build you a sliding door to cover up your closet with mirrors. You can even get creative with this. It would not only help you solve the problem with the mirror facing you, but it can also help you keep your clutters away. Surely in doing so, you can have a more comfortable sleeping experience. Imagine the amount of extra storage space you can have!

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However, even though keeping a mirror in your bedroom has plenty of cons, it is also undeniably helpful in designing your space. Mirrors positively impact the interior look of any room, and they can even help with giving an illusion of a more expansive space. Mirrors and reflective objects can also help to understate or play down something, like a wall or your closet itself. Having a mirror in your bedroom can also help you be in a command position – where you can have a full view of all the corners of your bedroom. 

A lot of people have different opinions regarding this. It is said that although mirrors can double the size of your bedroom, this will cause the energy in your room to bounce around. Your bedroom's concern must be on its coziness and not on its size because, as others say, a more enormous bedroom won’t give you a better sleep. 

Contrary to all these claims, different schools of feng shui will tell you that closets with mirrors can be good for you! Some would recommend the use of mirrors to fix the problem of having a bed placement, not in a command position. Using mirrors can help you to have visual access and full awareness of your whole room. In that way, you will know when someone walks in, and you will be in full control of your room.

To sum it all up, everything still comes down to you and only you. If you are comfortable sleeping with your closet mirror towards you, then you do not need to do anything with it! On the other side, if this would cause you to have a hard time relaxing, try out the solutions we have tackled for you. Remember that no material or thing is inherently a bad feng shui. It always depends on how you use it and where you place it. 


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