Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For Mirrored Closet Doors

You may be aware that mirrors are a no-no if you want your bedroom to have good Feng Shui.

Why? Check out the Feng Shui impact of mirrors in your bedroom.

Most mirrors are easy enough to remove to another place in your home, even if it’s simply to the hallway just outside your bedroom door.

But what is the Feng Shui impact when your bedroom closets have mirrored sliding doors? 


Mirrored doors are a vast surface of glass in your bedroom: hard, reflective Yang energy that can spoil the nurturing atmosphere you need for intimacy, relaxation, and a good night’s sleep.

If replacing the doors isn’t an option, you can still create good Feng Shui in your bedrroom.

1. Consider clever ways to disguise them by covering the glass surface, as in the photo below.

These doors are covered with beautiful grass-cloth, which has the additional benefit of bringing a bit of nature into the room. However there is still an element of hardness to this solution, so I prefer idea #2,

2. Cover the doors with curtains you can close at night.

This photo shows the soft wall of texture that beautiful curtains can create, a big improvement over hard mirrors or doors.

Select a beautiful fabric that enhances your bedroom. Lightweight curtains you can easily open by day and which completely cover the mirrors when it’s time to relax at night are ideal.

The Feng Shui benefits of covering your mirrored closet doors will be immediately apparent in things like better sleep and enhanced intimacy with your partner.

Cover the doors to enhance your life immediately.

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