What If My Desk Is Facing A Wall?

Reader Lisa asks what to do about her office, where her desk faces a wall and it is impossible to place her desk in Feng Shui’s Command Position.

This is a fairly common situation in offices with limited space or built-in furniture.

Facing away from the door as you work puts you in a vulnerable position; you feel a distracting urge to keep turning around to check behind you, interrupting your flow and negatively affecting the quality of your work.

Feng Shui puts you in Command with a feeling of safety and security, and the solution is both simple and effective: place a mirror on the wall or desk in front of you, making sure it reflects the doorway behind you.

In this photo of my office you may be able to see the small mirror mounted on my bulletin board. When I sit here working the mirror gives me a clear view of anyone entering the room behind me.

The simple addition of the mirror puts me in control of my environment so I can relax and do my best work.

How can you put yourself in Command?

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