The Importance of Command Position for Office Desk Feng Shui

Setting up your work desk at home or at work? Read through before you setup your desk to know about command position and why is it important in feng shui.

According to Feng Shui, your desk is the most important furniture to your office and business, just as your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Not just the placement of the desk but also the color, shape and material of your desk is equally important. Command position empowers you and invites more positive energy. A good position will help you to feel sure in what you do - accounting, completing "write my dissertation for me" queries, or any other.

The command position gives you visual control over your space, which gives you control over your work life. This is why executive offices have their desk facing the door instead of backs against the door.

Having a full view of your office room with your back to a solid wall is the best way to place your work desk and is also called the command position. Make sure to place your work desk diagonally opposite to the entrance of your office room. You should be able to have a view of all the doors and windows of your room when you sit at the desk.

At times, it is not possible to have your desk in the command position, in such cases it is better to have a convex mirror in front you so that you can have a view of the door in the mirror. Avoid facing your back to the entry door, if that is unavoidable, hang a feng shui crystal ball between you and the door. Make sure the room is well ventilated and the doors and windows open fully. It is not advisable to block the doors and windows, as it blocks the flow of energy, thus blocking new and growth opportunities.

Benefits of placing your desk in the command position

  • Puts you in charge of your business life;
  • Allows you to identify & invite in new business opportunities;
  • Puts you at ease as you work;
  • Places you in either the Wealth or Business Relationship Bagua sector of your office;
  • Prevents your thoughts and business Chi from floating out the window toward a distant view; and
  • Helps you avoid feeling confronted or creatively blocked by a solid wall in front of you.

The best choice for a work desk would be a solid brown wooden desk. It is not advisable to have a glass desk as it may not be favorable for your business. Since not many shapes are available with desks, a rectangular, L-shaped desk or a kidney shaped desk are what we recommend. A standing desk is always a better option than the rest since it is compatible with feng shui as well as good for you from health point of view. 

Another further benefit is that you can brighten up your office space with works of art. Some people like to place a a painting or picture on the solid wall behind their back. The works of art can be inspirational quotes, sceneries, or even your favorite photos that you've edited with free photo editing apps.  

If your desk has been facing a window or a wall as your work, give the command position a try. You'll begin to see and feel the difference in just a few days!


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