Aquarium Placement Locations for Good Feng Shui

Have you ever thought about keeping fish as your pets to bring harmony to your life? You might wonder what an aquarium has to do with all the curveballs that life has been throwing at you. Well, Feng Shui has all your answers!

We know that every object and placement has some reason in feng shui to bring harmony and peace to the environment. So how about shedding some light on a fish aquarium?

Well, fish aquariums not only give a soothing effect and a pop of color to your space, it certainly brings health and wealth. An aquarium for good Feng Shui is one of the best things you can include in your home or office.

Benefits of a Fish Aquarium in Feng Shui

We all know that fish are low-maintenance pets, and you won't have to worry about their litter or take them out for a walk (but you do have to clean up their tanks!) But Feng Shui adds a lot more value to your aquarium.

Let's find out how it can benefit you in numerous ways!

  • According to the experts of feng shui, fish are considered to be lucky symbols. They represent wealth and abundance, and their peaceful nature brings harmony to the home.
  • The movement of the fish is believed to create positive energy flow throughout the room.
  • An aquarium can also be a beautiful and relaxing addition to your home decor.
  • Fish aquariums absorb all the negative energies making the environment peaceful and relaxing.
  • Fish aquariums can improve overall well-being by reducing anxiety and stress.

So if you're looking for wealth and health, you might want to think about setting up a fish tank. Also, you have to keep it clean because any clutter and debris can block positive energy flow.

Elements of a Fish Aquarium in Feng Shui

Every object in Feng Shui represents some element per its shapes, colors, and material. And a fish aquarium allows you to gather as many elements as possible, benefitting you in numerous ways, and contains powerful Feng Shui symbolism.

Let's find out the elements of the fish aquarium and what they represent.

  • Metal: Round bowls and colors like white, gray, and metallics are metal elements and represent joy, endings, and precision.
  • Earth: Square aquariums and earthy colors like brown neutrals and yellow are Earth elements and represent stability and self-care
  • Wood: Rectangular aquariums and colors like green, teal, and blue are wood elements and represent growth, flexibility, and kindness.
  • Water: We know that Water is quite a dark element, and colors like black and dark blue are water elements. It represents wisdom.
  • Fire: Vibrant colors like goldfish are fire elements and represent passion and visibility.

All these elements can easily be found right in your fish tank, creating harmony and adding benefits and a splash of color to your boring life.

Locations Ideal for Placing Aquariums in Feng Shui

When you decide to buy an aquarium for your home or office, it’s essential to place it at the right locations so it can bring it's positive Feng Shui benefits to your life. 

The Gathered Chi or "Wealth Corner"

This is usually located diagonally across to entrance to the house or a room. Do not forget to place the aquarium in a command position!

The Life Journey sector:

This sector belongs to the Water element, and the water brought by the aquarium supports the Water element of this sector. An aquarium can bring a sense of welcoming to this area, especially if this area is located at where your front door is. 

The New Beginnings/Family sector:

This sector belongs to the Wood element, and the water in the aquarium can help nourish the Wood element and enhance this sector. 

The Wealth & Abundance sector:

This sector belongs to the Wood element, and the aquarium can enhance your finances and emotions. 

Locations to Avoid for Aquariums

According to Feng Shui, there are three places where your aquarium does NOT belong.


We all love relaxing and spending quality time in our bedrooms. We might consider keeping a beautiful aquarium to keep the atmosphere calm and cool. But that's not the case!

Don' place your aquarium in your bedroom. Its constant motion, subtle light, and electric energy create too much Yang energy in a bedroom. The bedroom is one of those rooms that should contain more relaxing Yin energy.


You can place your aquarium in a room other than your kitchen, where the Water element can symbolically extinguish a kitchen's vital Fire energy.

Ideally, we want to maintain the essential energy of each room instead of canceling it out with another energy.

Under a Sunny Window

You might have to reconsider if you're thinking about giving your fish a dose of vitamin D. In feng shui, you can't place your aquarium under a sunny window!

The powerful rays of the sun heat the Water to temperatures that are too warm for your fish to be comfortable. The sun's warmth also creates conditions in which aquarium water quickly grows cloudy and green, which is not good for your fish, and a lot of work for you.

What is Feng Shui’s Fish Recommendation?

Yes, the number and type of fish do matter if you're a follower of feng shui. You can't just decide to buy an aquarium loaded with every kind of fish and complain that it hasn't worked! You need to keep a few things in mind before setting up a feng shui aquarium.

The experts recommend having nine fish as the number 9 is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture, and the fish represent good luck, prosperity, and abundance.

Furthermore, there should be eight red goldfish as they represent good health and wealth. The9th should be the black goldfish, which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.


There's no denying that having a fish aquarium can be a soothing presence in any space. If you are in search of an extra dose of luck in your life and abundance in wealth, set up your aquarium using Feng Shui as your guide, and discover how it feels to tap its positive, powerful

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