Put Yourself In Charge With Feng Shui’s Command Position

Feng Shui uses a concept called the “Command Position” to help you take charge of your life and feel secure in your space.

Consider the seat you’re most likely to choose in a restaurant: across the room from the entry, with your back to a wall and at a slight angle, giving you a comfortable view of people coming in as well as your fellow diners.

Here’s what the Command Position looks like in a bedroom:

command position - bedroom

When you’re in the Command Position you can easily see the entry to your space, and have the best visual control over your space.

Before you can concentrate on things like improving your relationships or your finances, you need to feel that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible.

The Command Position puts you in the best position to deal with whatever might be coming through the door and into your life.

To set it up in your home or office, place the most important piece of furniture in the room – your bed, your couch and your desk for starters — in the spot where you can easily see the doorway without being in a direct line with it.

Here’s a room with both an easy chair and a couch set up in the Command Position:

Command Position in the living room.

You know you’re in this “power spot” when you feel most comfortably in charge of the room.

The Command Position is one of the simplest, most powerful Feng Shui tools you can use to take charge of your life.

Try it out in your space, and let me know how it feels.

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