Feng Shui’s Command Position Will Help You Be in Charge

Command signifies power, which is why it is considered the utmost principle that holds feng shui together. This pertains to positioning yourself with a clear and plain view of the space you occupy especially the door where different energy from various people come and go. Hence, it is advisable to apply this to each area you spend your time with, this can be your office, living room, and most importantly your bedroom.

Knowing the specific area where you can easily set your command position is the first step to achieving that visible control you are trying to achieve. 

Upon entering your space, the command position will be the diagonal area that faces that entrance. Upon sitting in this part of the room, you will have a clear and exact view of the doors, window, and everyone who will come and go to that specific space.

Here are various Standards for Powerful Command Positions to maintain your control a hundred percent:

     1. Your back-support will be your ultimate backing

A solid wall will be the best backing support to establish a strong command position. The wall itself gives you a sense of shield, stronghold, and supporting strength. This criterion helps you to have a clear and conscious view of your surroundings and the energy of the people that go around it so that you’ll become more on the lookout more than anyone else. The following are the examples that will help you utilize this standard:

     a. Position the headboard of your bed to the wall. 

Feng shui never failed to re-iterate how important your bed’s headboard can be as the number one support in the circulation of chi in your bedroom, the bed being the focal point also of your own bedroom. This same headboard has a role in maintaining the command position that you wish to accomplish. A high and strong headboard will perform this duty in the best way possible.

     b.Usage of the chair with high back-rest 

We use chairs everywhere, be it in the comfort of our homes, in the busy environment of our working office, or even in a café or restaurant we want to relax to, the chair is present as always. See to it that the chair that you are occupying in a certain room would be as high and sturdy so that the energy you dreamt to maintain will be there.

    2. Desks will be an important contributor to your command position

Desks are not just an important tool for your work but also essential to your commanding position. Having a sturdy wall that you can lean into will be affected by the place where you position your desk. The diagonal space that was mentioned above is the perfect place where you must place your desk. In Feng Shui, it is believed that a desk will serve as the key to your business and financial success. It will bring good energy that eases your work and will grant and invite you more opportunities for your business and wealth.

    3.Your door will be the way for unending blessings, and a great component to put your whole attention to.

The door is the first thing to adhere to, for you to know and comply with the regulations to set up the command position. It serves as the front line to be followed by all other command position standards.

The door is the point where all prosperity flow, therefore energy flow is very strong there. 

Cho, a feng shui expert, said in an interview: "When you can see it, you're open to all the opportunities and energy coming toward you. When you can't, you're looking away from your future and inadvertently looking backward. It's about walking through life with your eyes open and seeing all the world has to offer."

This mighty current will at the same time cause you trouble and distraction because it seems that you are directly welcoming anything that comes including harm, which is why it is important to not be in the area where you are directly in line with the door but rather be you are looking diagonally toward it.

If this command position would be impossible to follow, a mirror will compensate for it. You can place your mirror where you can still see the reflection of the door.

     4. Windows facilitates both good and bad energy

Positioning your desk and bed underneath your window will not be the best command position, as the window caters to good and bad energy, the bad being the utmost. It creates a feeling of being unsafe about what’s to come and gonna happen. Like the door where all kinds of energy come and go, it is best to shield yourself from the bad one. 

It will be best to put some kind of space between you and the window for an expanded view of it and be ready for what’s to come in your personal, working, or relaxing space. If this will not be possible also, like in the door, putting a mirror will be there to bring back a good chi and will make you subconsciously safe and aware.

     5. Clear your view

Last but the very best priority in the command position standard is to always clear your view. This is the very core of the command positions. This can be done by creating an open space in front of your chosen position (with consideration of the tips above). This kind of open space will grant you an energy where opportunities and blessings will come your way and you will be consciously aware of it directly coming to you and not be distracted or unsure since you have a clear view of it all through your command position.

In contrast, if you will not have a lucid view of your space, you would feel unease since you will not have any idea of what will come your way. Even in psychology, you will neurologically be in “fight or flight” mode since you don’t know what to expect from everything that goes toward you.

It is paramount to make sure your own space must be the first thing that empowers you. Visit our store to help you harness ideas to perpetuate all of these command position standards.

Remember you are the captain of your life’s voyage, take command!

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