Are Bedroom Ceiling Fans Bad in Feng Shui?

As a feng shui enthusiast, it is really vital to check on everything that goes into your home. It is also important to learn all the basic rules in arranging the items in your house to make sure that the energy can freely roam inside your house. In feng shui, it is firmly believed that everything that surrounds you can affect you. Therefore, it is critical to learn the biggest no-no in feng shui and that is—to place things where they should not be placed!

I am pretty sure I know the very reason why you are here reading our article; you are worrying about the harmful effects that ceiling fans give out according to numerous hearsays. To tell you the truth, there are indeed negative results in having ceiling fans but not something irreparable. Thus, do not worry too much because if you know the reasons why it could be bad for your feng shui then it is much easier to avoid. As I have said earlier, the biggest no-no in feng shui is to place things inappropriately. Because no items are innately bad, rather they might just have been located in the wrong place.

If you have a ceiling fan in your house, I assure you that there is no need to get rid of it anymore for as long as you know how to remedy it. But first and foremost, you must learn the different cons your ceiling fans can possibly possess right before educating yourself on how to counter them. Here are the frequent reasons why ceiling fans can be bad in feng shui according to a variety of resources: 

What Makes it Bad?

There are a couple of things you need to watch out for when having ceiling fans at home. Here are some of the probable downturns with ceiling fans.

The Love-Killing Effect

Did you know that ceiling fans can sometimes be a contributing factor to a couple’s failing marriage? Others explained that the motion of the fan creates an energy that whirls down like a blade. If we are able to see energies, they will probably look like ‘shuriken’ or ‘ninja star blades’ you see in ninja movies. So, what does this exactly do to marriages? Well, it cuts chi energy! This energy allows you and your partner to connect with each other. Thus, if it is slashed, so is their romance.

Couples that sleep directly below a ceiling fan will likely lose the urge to be intimate with each other. The worst part is—they do not even know what’s secretly cutting their love ties loose. 

Stress Inducing

You have probably heard or read somewhere that ceiling fans are not good for your sleep. Most ceiling fans are designed in a way that emits loud noises. In feng shui, our sleeping area is treated with the utmost consideration. You will find thousands of articles talking about your bedroom and how to make it a better sanctuary for you. This is because our rest greatly impacts our life. Having a good sleep will give you an enormous amount of energy that you can use to achieve your goals. On the other hand, having a lack of relaxation will negatively affect your career, love life, health, and many more.

So how can a ceiling fan induce stress? It is because the noise of the fan may interrupt your sleep. Additionally, sleeping with one directly towards you will give you a subconscious awareness that will not allow you to have a continuous and peaceful sleep.

Discomfort and Invisible Oppression

Since ceiling fans are installed above us, it instills hidden fear in our minds that we are not even aware of. It gives us discomfort especially when having them installed on the low type of ceilings. Have you ever experienced having imagination with ceiling fans falling and hitting you? I do too! This is what I am referring to when I say it invisibly oppresses us. You just know it is right above you and anytime it might fall.

How To Remedy It?

Of course, I will not let you go on with your day worrying about your ceiling fans. Here are the things you may do to avoid going through the unlikely results of having ceiling fans in your home.

Place It Right!

If you have a ceiling fan installed in your bedroom and you worry about it affecting your love life then let me tell you the good news. It is not actually bad to have one in your and your partner’s bedroom as long as you placed it right! Place it just below the bed. Avoid having it placed directly to you and your partner while lying down. So, if you have one installed directly above your bed, move it immediately.

Choose The Right Fan

Due to the fast-pacing development of our technology, ceiling fans with less noise are now available in the market. Make sure to buy those kinds of fans so that you will be able to improve the quality of your sleep. Also, choose a ceiling fan with low electricity consumption to save money. Lastly, you must also consider buying neutral-colored fans as it greatly helps it look light. You will no longer feel as if a heavy object is above you.

Do Not Place in These Areas

Avoid having ceiling fans in your dining area. Ceiling fans are not easily accessible to clean thus it is very susceptible to dust and dirt. The risk of it falling into your food is big. 

Another place you should not install ceiling fans is in areas of your house with low ceilings. Avoiding these places will help you not have feelings of being oppressed.

Find For Alternatives

If your house has a low ceiling, then having ceiling fans is not recommended. I suggest you buy a good alternative like floor fans, coolers, wall fans, or tower fans. There are a lot of variety to choose from. Just make sure that the alternative you choose is as cost-efficient as ceiling fans.


Despite the numerous negative effects, having a ceiling fan is still worth-it. Ceiling fans are cost-efficient, have good air ventilators, and are visually appealing. In fact, the possible bad effects are not something irreparable. They can always be fixed with a little bit of reading and a lot of Feng Shui!

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