The Feng Shui Bedroom: Ceiling Fans

The conventional wisdom in Feng Shui (and one of the Feng Shui myths I enjoy de-bunking) is that ceiling fans create bad Feng Shui in your bedroom because they create a feeling of downward pressure as you sleep.

Because unless you actually feel this pressure in your body, ceiling fans create excellent Feng Shui with positive effects on your health.

Ceiling fans

  • Keep the atmosphere fresh,
  • keep Chi energy moving,
  • circulate the air silently, unlike noisy floor or table fans that also take up precious floor space.

In these ways ceiling fans are fabulous in a Feng Shui bedroom.

A Feng-Shui-friendly ceiling fan in your bedroom is off-center from the bed so it cam circulate the air without threatening the sleepers.

It’s a setup that’s fine from a Feng Shui perspective because the fan isn’t directly above the center of the bed.

And it’s a great way to get fresh air — and Chi energy – moving through your space.

Are you a ceiling fan — fan?

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