How to Use Mirrors: The Feng Shui Way

Mirrors are an important element of Feng shui. It is used to reflect and direct both positive and negative energy. And since mirrors reflect everything, it's important to be intentional about what you want to attract in your life.

If you are having a dilemma in deciding where you should locate your mirrors at home in hopes of gaining good feng shui; do not worry, I got you! Here's what to keep in mind if you decide to enhance positive energy in your space through mirrors: 

It's a Tool For Reflection 

Mirrors are literally and figuratively known for being reflective. So when setting it up, strategically place it in a way that will reflect and amplify the flow of other elements from inside or outside your place. For instance, to invite and enhance the wood element, you can put a mirror in such a way that it will reflect anything made of wood, or healthy green plants.

Moreover, It could also be used to expand the rays of light so place the mirror in a way that reflects and scatters the light throughout. But remember not to keep two mirrors facing each other because according to Feng Shui, they will just reflect the energy back and forth instead of spreading it across the room. When using a mirror to invite other elements, make sure that it only reflects positivity and calmness. 

The Mirror Can Be Corrective

In Feng Shui, commanding position considered to be the most powerful position in space. It is generally applied in the bedroom and office spaces. But it can also be in any place where you spend a lot of your time. And in positioning yourself within these spaces, you have to consider the proper placement to optimize the flow of energy.

In Feng Shui, the front door or the main entry door is called the mouth of qi. This is where all the energy enters your home or office. That's why you should position your desk in a place where it's diagonally opposite the door and has strong backing. This is to allow you to have an overview of the room and see who comes into your space. 

Moreover, superficially speaking, you ought to welcome abundance, growth, and opportunities, and not turn your back on them.

But in any way you weren't able to situate yourself in a commanding position, here's the time you can place a mirror where you still can see the reflection of the door from your bed or office desk. This will still be able to give you control of your life.

Call Up Other Elements Through Shape and Color 

It has always been known that mirrors represent the element of water – an element that represents introspection, wisdom, and serenity. However, other than multiplying the flow of energy through reflection, do you know that mirrors could also boost up other elements by considering the different shapes and the color of their frames?

If you're feeling anxious and ungrounded, you may prefer to stabilize the earth element by opting for a square or horizontally rectangular mirror. The colors brown, orange, and yellow are also good representatives of earth energy to help you work on your overall well-being, self-nourishment, and boundaries.

Tall, and rectangular mirrors represent wood elements. You may also activate this element by choosing  green, blue, and teal for more growth, progress, or a new beginning in life 

Or you might want to attract metal elements by picking circular or spherical frames. Metal is associated with the color white, gray, and metallics that are related to joy, precision, and clarity. According to Feng Shui, metal is also connected to how we articulate our thoughts and find our voice.

The triangular frame may not be common in interior design but according to Feng Shui, a pointy shape invites fire energy. Go for mirrors with bright orange or red frames if you are looking for inspiration, passion, and visibility. And to strengthen the water energy through colors, bring in the color black or navy blue.

Lastly, don't just hang your mirror anywhere. 

Where and how you hang your mirror affects the flow of energy inside your place. To maximize its remarkable abilities, below are some tips according to Feng Shui: 

  • Place a mirror on the wall perpendicular to your front door, not the opposite of it. 
  • The dining room represents the capacity to hold wealth so don't hesitate to hang your best mirrors on the walls to enlarge the space.
  • No, do not put mirrors in the kitchen unless you want to multiply the negative energy in your home. A mirror facing a stove is generally against the Feng Shui guidelines because a fire element energy is greatly enhanced and amplified.
  • Make sure the mirror is at an angle that reflects the beautiful things inside, and outside of your home that can add positive energy throughout your space. But take note, except for a stack of bills. 
  • Mirrors placed in the hallway are okay. But be careful not to put it at the end of the hallway as it can impede the energy flow in your place. 
  • Mirrors should never face the toilet as they can only spread negative energy throughout the home.
  • It's not bad to put mirrors in the living room but the type of energy that radiates depends on the temperament of your guest. When people have positive energy, it will be amplified by the mirrors. The same happens when the guests bring drama over your home.

Not everyone may be practicing Feng Shui, but it is imperative to know that mirrors, on a personal level, allow us to see ourselves and it gives us exactly what we look. And by incorporating feng shui mirrors, not only you are harnessing energy forces but you're also establishing harmony between yourself and your surrounding. 

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