How To Use Mirrors For Good Feng Shui

Mirrors are everywhere.

By far the most widely used of Feng Shui’s nine essential Chi adjustments, mirrors are extremely important to your ability to create and activate good Chi energy in your home or office.

Mirrors add light, depth and movement to a space, and of course they perfectly reflect what is opposite to them.

So it’s necessary to bring your conscious intention to the act of hanging a mirror so it can fulfill the purpose you have in mind.

Use your mirrors wisely.

These top tips show you how to use your mirrors to create good Feng Shui.

  • Do use mirrors to increase abundance. Make sure your mirror reflects something beautiful either inside or outside your home to magnify its nourishing power in your life.
  • Do use mirrors to increase light. Hang a mirror in a dark area to act as a virtual window and add light and vitality to the space.
  • Do hang a mirror to “fill in” a missing Bagua area.
  • Do hang mirrors in windowless or especially narrow areas like long interior hallways. This opens up the space and creates a welcome sense of expansiveness and ease.
  • Do hang a mirror in your child’s bedroom. This contributes to his or her self-esteem as they grow up.
  • Do place a mirror to put yourself in the Command Position. For example if you face a wall when you sit at your desk or stand at your kitchen stove, a mirror reflects activity behind you and puts you in control.
  • Don’t hang a mirror where it reflects and magnifies clutter. First clear up the clutter and make the space beautiful, then place the mirror to reflect that space if you wish.
  • Don’t have a mirror in your office, where it can cause you to lose control over Chi by reflecting negative energy from others around you. (Note the important exception to this principle: see my article about the Command Position in your office.)
  • Don’t hang an eight-sided Bagua mirror inside your home. Bagua mirrors are extremely powerful so you need to be extra-careful about their placement. Hang one of these mirrors on the outside of your home only, to deflect negative external energy away from you.

Activate good Chi with a well-chosen and well-placed mirror today.

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