Is Your Glass Desk Good or Bad Feng Shui?

Wherever we go in this modern society, glass is a prevalent design in commercial buildings and homes. The sophistication it adds to the style and the fact that it has a lot of types to serve various purposes – either for privacy, to maximize the space, or improve the natural light – made it ideal for people to choose it. 

Meanwhile, in Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese system balancing the physical environment to promote harmony in life, glasses or mirrors are well known as a representation of water elements and used for corrective positioning because of its reflective properties.

And incorporating it down to the little corner of your space – on your office desk – it is important to assess first “what” kind of energy you need and “how” to add other elements to maximize its benefit. Or maybe think twice on using glass materials for the desk itself. 

Because an office desk, in Feng Shui, has a major influence in our life. It symbolizes an ability to create wealth and not being mindful in using glasses can possibly retract the good chi and will lead to stagnation in your growth and career. 

Glass Desk is a Big No

There’s no denying that a glass medium for a desk is one of the trendy aesthetics nowadays. It’s also a great choice whatever era you want as reference to style your space because its elegance never goes out of style. But even though it is appealing to use glass, having this kind of desk is actually discouraged not only by interior designers but also by Feng Shui per se

Now, you might be curious as to why Feng Shui says no to office table made with glass but I bet you will agree after knowing why. Here are the different reasons why you should not opt for glass desks for your office:

Overwhelming Energy

Glass symbolizes the water element which is in fact known to be a very active energy in feng shui. While it is true that water elements are good for expanding your analytical and understanding skills, having too much of it could also lead to overthinking and over-rationalizing everything. With this said, a glass desk is a pool of water energy that is not good for coming up with the right business or career decisions. Thus, if you do not want to ruin your career just because your thoughts are all over the place, choose a wooden desk instead which is believed to have a better  flow of energy.

Poison Arrows in Every Edge

A cutting chi is what a poison arrow is in feng shui. It basically comes from jagged and pointed materials like: glass. With the prevalence of poison arrows in glass desks, the energies released are somehow fast-moving and chaotic. It just does not bring good to your working area’s flow of energy.  Besides this, having a glass desk means that a sharp-edged object is pointed directly to your belly. This could result to abdominal problems since the poison arrows goes through that area. 

In addition to all of those cons, poison arrows are also believed to make people feel worn-out, fidgety, and agitated. Clearly, we do not want to feel those things while working.

Creates Distraction

Glass materials are transparent which if used in our office desks; give us the ability to see through our work and to our feet. What I mean by this is that our minds usually fly off when we are trying to work. Let us admit it, it is pretty hard to concentrate. I, sometimes could even find myself thinking random things like: when was the last time I had my nails pedicured. It is a funny example but believe me, this happens quite often.

Not Good for Your Eyes

We use our eyes a lot when we focus therefore it is crucial to make our office space a little less harsh to our visions. In line to this, using glass desks do not help with this objective. Why—you ask? Glass refracts and reflects light which bounces off and glare directly in our eyes. Too much light exposure can cause serious eye conditions and can even lead to partial or complete blindness. I know it is saddening to know this fact but believe me it is better that you know it now than find it out when your eyes already deteriorated.

Can Cause Serious Injury

As a homeowner, we try to make sure that all the things that surround our home are safe for us. We like to make sure that all the furniture is durable, so that when an unexpected earthquake happens; we can minimize the damage. However, a glass desk is vulnerable by nature. Glass breaks and when it does it can cause serious injury due to its debris. How can you work well with the thought of your desk suddenly breaking? It is indeed a scary possibility and if you wish to avoid it: do not use glass desks!

Final Thoughts

Glass desks are technically fragile and vulnerable and it is believed the same thing would mirror your work life. Although it can create an impression of transparency and honesty in a work setting but because it represents the water elements, energy passes by quickly and it might not be stable which could distract your focus and decisions. 

It’s definitely not a good foundation—reason why it’s recommended to add a brown wooden table in the structure to make it solid, or simply go for it on the go. Not only is it sturdy, long lasting, and provides a quality flow of energy but this element naturally attracts wealth and abundance which is a reliable support to your steps towards success.  And there are metals too which are the best choice if you want to bring efficiency, clarity, and concentration in your work. 

All in all, there are a bunch of alternatives that can bring elegance and aesthetic to your office area aside from glass desks. Just put into mind that colors and shapes also play a role in beautifying your office and not materials alone.

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