Feng Shui Tips for Color Yellow

When I see the color yellow, it instantly lifts up my mood. Even seeing people wearing yellow makes me think that they are the kind of person which is very approachable and friendly. If we make a competition about which is the liveliest color, nothing beats color yellow. We portray the sun that bright up our day as yellow. Even smiley emojis come in color yellow. Yellow umbrellas are used in music videos to signify joy. 

In feng shui, yellow does a lot more than you might think. Yellow is an earth element, meaning it is a grounding color. It is also a color which can be used to help you fix any feng shui issues you have at home. Here are the feng shui tips you can follow in incorporating color yellow in your home, charms, and a lot more!

Use Yellow to Enhance Relationship and Sociability

Wearing something that is yellow enhances your relationship status because it gives you an appearance of openness. If you feel like you are falling behind in the sociability sector, try including yellow dresses in your wardrobe. Wear yellow in gatherings or parties and you might notice the change immediately! The thing about yellow is that it attracts people. Yellow brightens up your aura making others want to come to you to engage in a conversation. Personally, I think it is because of the ability of yellow to eliminate the imprint of being intimidating.

Figuratively speaking, a dash of yellow in your outfit is like an implanted smile toward others (think of the yellow happy face emoji! 😊). You appear to become friendlier and social. People around you will become chattier when you have something yellow in you. But remember to not lose the chance of responding back! Keep in mind that the color yellow only gives them the illusion of being welcoming but you will still need to work on communicating back to them. Nevertheless, yellow will make the first move for you so all you need to do is work on your communication skills. 

Enhance Productivity in Your Study Area or Work Office with Yellow

Integrating a shade of yellow in your study area or work office will help you get rid of dullness and sense of monotony in these spaces. Any shade of yellow has the capability of giving us excitement and cheerfulness making you work on your projects very well. 

This color also works well when you are studying for an important test. Believe it or not, yellow contributes to your intelligence. Its glow and brightness stand out making it very notable. Do you ever heard about the ability of things to make you remember something from the past? For example, associating smell and fragrance to feelings and significant people. You smell something and bam! —you remember that person you once loved. Kidding aside, this phenomenon is true and yellow can do the same to you. Yellow helps you remember things very well like what you’ve studied or read while you see something in this color. It is a very receptive color, and our eyes are very sensitive to it.

Citrine Charms to Attract Wealth

Another way to apply yellow to enhance feng shui is by purchasing charms. One good charm you can use is the feng shui citrine bracelet also known as “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone”. The citrine bracelet is said to attract wealth and abundance. Moreover, this bracelet is said to help you boost your self-confidence and personal power which will greatly help you improve your career.

Not just this but adding gold (also a shade of yellow) charms and ornaments to your home will magnet financial blessings to you and your family. Gold is a staple symbolism for affluence and prosperity thus it is also a good addition to make you look powerful.

Give Out Yellow Flowers to Display Sincerity

This color is one of many that represents the earth element. On that premise, yellow is a very grounding, still, and stable color. Giving out yellow flowers to someone could make you appear more sincere especially when you want to apologize. With being stable in mind, sending out yellow flowers is also good if you want to ask the hand of someone. 

Something Yellow in the Living Room

Adding yellow to your living room’s color palette will make it look more inviting. Your visitors will immediately see you as someone who is accommodating and hospitable. Two ways you can apply yellow in your living room is by choosing yellow throw pillows or buttery chairs. But never ever drown your living room with this color because some people still think that this color is too bright and it provokes them! Just play it cool and balance it with other colors. Good thing is that yellow blends well with other colors. It does not overpower; so as long as you have chosen other colors to incorporate with yellow in your living room then everything will turn out good.

Do Not Over Apply in These Areas

As we probably all know by now, yellow is a happy, thrilling, and energetic color. Thus, you may want to avoid over-applying this color to your resting areas. Making a mistake of putting a lot of yellow in your bedroom will give you sleepless nights. It’s just too lively to rest in! Instead, add golden figurines or art objects as a small accent to your room to still gain from the feng shui benefits of yellow. 

A golden accent wall will also help enhance intimacy between you and your partner in your bedroom. It al comes down to choosing the right shade of yellow.

Avoid Incorporating the Yellow Madness 

If you are currently in the stage of stagnancy like being unemployed, avoid having too much yellow in your house. Yellow is a still and stable color, and it might make you get stuck to being stagnant! If you have ever heard of the yellow madness then you probably understand that this color can literally drive you insane especially when you are in your down lows.


There are a lot of things yellow can help you with. Do you know any other tips in using yellow to enhance feng shui? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

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