3 Feng Shui Tips to Protect Yourself if Your Bed Faces the Door

There’s no best comforter other than our very own bed. Just the thought of feeling cozy in your own space gives you the most comforting feeling of all. 

Feng shui emphasizes the importance of maintaining the energy that revolves around our favorite comfort zone – our bedroom. Since this room is the space where we spend most of our time, it greatly affects our day-to-day well-being. Our most vulnerable state is during our sleep, where we are in a passive state. This is also the time that the flow of energy around us is critical, which is why it is important to adhere to the optimal feng shui guidelines.

The most important guideline that we know is to never position your bed facing the door, but ironically, it is the most mistake that people make.  This non-compliance is the root cause of relationship problems and even illnesses in the household. Feng shui explains that this is due to the energy coming rushing in your door and channeling towards you, without any form of balance to filter out good energy from the bad ones.  

The ideal placement of the bed is the command position in which the bed is not facing directly to the door, and you can easily see if anything comes or goes out from it. Due to limited spaces of bedrooms these days, the Command position cannot be followed as easily as what feng shui deemed best.  

The following are the remedies to get rid of the bad feng shui and maintain the chi in your bedspace even if your bed faces the door.

Bed to be Set in Harmony with Doors and Windows

Although you can’t strictly follow the guideline of the commanding position, you can still divert the focus of the bed’s position for it to harmonize with your doors and windows. The head part of your bed must not be under any of your windows as the energy that comes through these very windows can be quite enormous as it comes from the outside. Set your bed in the middle position where your windows are on the side part and can allow sunlight to enter your space. Sun rays can bring good energy in your space without over-energizing it. 

Mirror: The Ultimate Corrector

If it is impossible for you to follow the commanding position, the mirror will get you through. Place the mirror at an angle that reflects not the bed itself but only the door. The mirror will redirect the overwhelming energy that comes rushing from your door away from your bed. Be vigilant in choosing and positioning the mirror as it is associated with a very active energy that imbalances the flow of chi.

Design Your Footboard as High as Needed

A well-built footboard can also cure the bad feng shui of your bed position. The footboard will serve as a barrier that separates you from the door. This gives you a visual assurance that you will not be affected by any active energy, especially bad ones, that goes into your room.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball Can Go a Long Way

Crystal balls are known as deflectors that disperse qi that comes through any area or space. This can be best for use as an alternate remedy if you can’t reposition your bed that was aligned from your door. Crystal balls are best hung from the ceiling halfway between your bed and door. Visit this link for more ideas about these amazing crystal balls.

A Piece of Furniture Can be a Helping Hand

A better choice to also deflect the energy channeling directly from your door to your bed is the use of furniture. This can be in a form of a bookshelf, drawer, cabinet, room divider, or any fixture that has a way of averting any form of energy that enters your room. You must see to it that this same furniture will not cause any clutter or obstacle in your area that will only add up to bad energy circulating in the room.

Electromagnetics is a “No-No” Near Your Bed

Avoid at all costs all electronic devices being directly connected to your bedroom walls. If storing these on your nightstand can’t be helped, it is best to move them one foot away from the bed frame. These practices if not followed is a bad feng shui that causes restless sleep. If having a TV in your bedroom is a must, just make sure that the screen is covered neatly when not in use.

Canopy: A Potent Visual Tool

A canopy improves energy flow that balances the chi even if your bed is directly facing the door. The main use of a canopy is as a visual block that allows privacy to the bedroom occupant. Canopy comes with many elegant designs that add to its useful features. Canopy is best used with the top covered and an extra layer for the beam’s blockage as experts recommend.

Beneficial Symbols: Fu dogs and Dragons

Fu dogs and dragon symbols are the best protectors from negative energy, so as long as you display them within your space, you don't have to worry even if your bed is not in the command position. They will deflect negative energy and retain only good ones to rebalance the harmony of energy in your personal space.

Plants as a Visual Diversion

Plants serve the same way as furniture do – a diversion. It gives off a feeling of being secure and guarded. Plants also help in ensuring that the airflow in your room is in good quality that also enhances the energy that flowing within. The best position for these plants is at the end of the bed in where your door is also paralleled.

With all of these tips in mind, you don’t have to worry even if your bed was placed directly in your door. You could still have a positive, calm, and restful sleep at the comfort of your bed.

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